Predicting Collapse

A few times since I became aware of family farm/banker issues, as I have written in previous blogs via Acres, USA; The Voice for Eco-Agriculture, I have heard how it will all collapse in on itself and money will be meaningless. Somebody always has a survival package you can buy. My Elder Child, now a human in his adult nature, suggested since I knew so much about collapse I should do a new business with survival packs all set up. What happens with knowing, is a result from actually surviving, mountain top hostile environments while hypothermia fogs the brain, standing in hurricane flood waters with diesel fuel all around, just about everything Mother nature can train with and never having the ill pleasure of having to go to war, bless their soles, even if they did volunteer. All of this was the instant thinking that prelude to my answer, “With the $3.00 in my wallet and a half a tank of gas?” And I thought about those books along the way that promised the collapse now, and then, which never happened, because no one really understands that the economy under the Federal Reserve is the Social Thesis of controlled economy from all those going broke family farmers since 1970.

Now I am in the hind end of a very successful craft mastery, crashed out of business once again by the flights and dives set in motion with the controlled money machines. My longest run was building over 50 houses on Martha’s Vineyard, quietly, unpretentious, seriously attempting to make the world a better place over 17 years. I interrupt this message to share that I am not done yet. Left to my own devices, freedom to pursue happiness, I am sure I can make a significant contribution to the people and neighborhoods around me. Elder Child stepped in behind me in the nearly same path. At b35 I could have written a dissertation on the Federal Reserve and the Morman part in it during the last “Depression.” Son One, doesn’t know much about the Federal Reserve.

Many Americans are afraid of the draconian, unconstitutional laws–lest we forget Amendment 9–that their government proposes tyranny through. Can’t you hear the message? The time of Piscean government is coming to a close and old folks like the Rockafellas and Bushas, Chenees, and Ko-Ko Cocoapuffas, are shaking in their authoritative boots. It’s the generation about 35-40 that’s got them worried. Any person with half an actuary table in their concept of life can tell you Baby Boomers, no how many fancy Winchesters and Military knockoffs they own, are simply not the internal threat–though I would advise, some of them you don’t want to mess with. A metaphoric and humorous  piece of entertainment that fits is the scene in Clint Eastwood’s movie where Granny takes on the Bikers Gang.

I read an alternative news post this morning by Stephen Lendman on reporting on a new prediction by some top stock Guru. Do you think he might be considered an insider? I think the plan by the Fed was to shuffle the deck chairs until enough investors sat back down so they could wash the shuffle board and get ready to entice a new soap and water mix. A funny thing happened on a cruise ship, and Arch Dukes better watch their ass. Remember, mon dauphin, the lesson of Ferdinand and Kennedy is don’t take the wrong road! You could end up starting a whole war. Of course, as Lyndon Johnson knew, before Dallas, his friends were making a fortune off of Vietnam and things had not really heated up. Just before Dallas, Kennedy ordered troops home and planned to downgrade the war.

The Neo-Cons put their desires on paper, and behold, it all came true.

The people have to be milked for extended war. The advertising men gave previous wars mind control phraseology that ran deep, then they appropriated all the way to Ernesto Che Guevara for post modernity college tee shirts, right alongside, Mumia and Leonard. You can always take your responsibility back and learn to live with empathy for your neighbors and guess what, that will solve a host of world problems. America cares not for rights and freedoms, just as long as the gas pump, rent, and grocery store, all controlled by the Federal Reserve through market manipulations of money, make some kind of expected ratio to their television time. When the price changes without income changes, uh oh! Walmart on the card.

Have you ever read that part of the holy book on vanity? There I was, going to beat the game this time, investing my dollars and some credit in building a business in San Francisco. Spin the wheel place your bets. The “table” was rigged. Some people these days are running around looking for signs. Signs of a Blue Star, signs of a pole shift and a planet hiding behind the sun. Searching New Age Old worn out Spirituality formulas in a world gone way past any rational process under the tyranny of gimme. Senility and back stabbing is the politics de jour. Nancy Pelosi looked cute for an elder lady with her smirk and wink about Gingrich ending up President; “I know something.”

The big problem she has now, is any implication or connection to a false flag event someone else can hang on her, and she’ll be in the bunk next to Jim Kirwin at the FEMA camp. She has admitted, “I know something.” What, Nancy Pelosi, are you referring to? Ron, change planes often. Senator Paul Wellstone might have been a good candidate.  The admen will create the dog to wag the tail.

Someone born today will be 20 as I’ll be 85. There is an actuary table for 20 year olds, so not every human baby will make it to 20, and the odds are increasingly higher I won’t make 85. This is such a small amount of time. 20 years is just about how long it takes to build a good business to retire from, unless you sell your soul at the corporate crossroads and bully, burn, and back stab your way to money. “I know something.”

The resource depletionists figure it will all be in stone age rebirthing about ten years from now. That doesn’t give the current 20 year old much hope. Wonder what those who are now being born, find out that the Modernists royally, or I suppose Royally fucked over the planet for paper; for a fist full of dollars and a few dollars more.

At the store where I buy a coffee to support economic circulation, the young woman today expressed enlightened philosophy about the times we are in, way far and above the general dinge of mind controlled consumerists. I left feeling lifted and hopeful. I got home and was reminded by the young men and women who have made their way to my friend’s One-man-community, and all hope for the 20 somethings evaporated and I could understand John McCain’s irrational North Vietnamese conditioned hatred of his own people. We’ve come full circle from Hanoi Jane to Hanoi John, and guess what, in the final analysis, Jane was much more on the side of Freedom and Liberty than John now appears to be. Good thing Jane married a media mogul and kept her royalties flowing.

Royalty is privilege. It means a tidbit for buying the DVD or CD or MP3.  It means a bigger legal fee for writing contracts, and lobbying to shut down counter fitters. It’s probably going to be one of the next War On … when War On Terror wears out. The game is, and step up to the wheel folks, mind controlling you with The Spectacle. Read my blogs, or as Nancy Zeta Talker says, do your homework. Step right up we have varieties of denial to help forget the exhaust pipe is more than CO2 and that’s the least of the Oil Demon. We have magic powder dropping from the sky with the Big Computer Nerd buying toxic agriculture technology in complete disregard that most of the point of family farming is Holiness.

It is Holy to work the Land. The article I linked above talks about small family farms being unprofitable. How about add backs like excellent local food. How about family farmers are invested in their land and can be convinced of methods beneficial to all life–the Holy Covenant.

My associate in San Francisco used to joke about chasing the almighty dollar. Dad pointed out it doesn’t grow on trees, until I planted an orchard and explained the economics of raw materials. Now we will face scarcity, man made and natural limitation. We don’t have to have all the high tech metals if we don’t need all those jets and drones to kill other people, but then, we are now living under a military fantasy–Full Spectrum Domination. Dad said Hitler was out to rule the world, Stalin sure showed he was out to rule the Ukraine, and now there is Chernobyl.

Afghanistan is the Empire Breaker. There’s probably an alien force field there like the Bermuda Triangle and that’s why so many governments there look like 16th Century Caliphates. Maybe it would help us to think of it as a very big “Rome” of the Moslem world. I’m all for the war if it stops the abuse of women and minorities. I’m not going to hold my breathe. Besides, I want my breathe free and easy when somebody turns up Mitt Romney’s other wives, because if he has half the spiritual power Joe Smith had, he’ll have a few more than Newt, and he will be taking care of them!

Wallowing in Collapse will not redeem us. Fat needs burning on bicycles, I might vote for Tyranny just to set the Freedom to be Responsible thing going. I voted for McGovern and what a waste of time that was. There again, Nixon’s buddies were making lots of money off the war.


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