On The Beach

When I was younger, there was a movie played on New York television called “On The Beach.” The plot was that people living in Australia, who had not even participated in the nuclear war, were going to be irradiated to death with fallout. The crazy things that went on in the movie may be a basis of fear for government people who still think they can get a pension after they kill off millions of people. In the end, the party “On The Beach,” looked like a graduation bash on the California beach of Santa Cruz. Also in the end, good guys and bad guys die together.


Last night I watched a movie called “I Am Legend.” It is kind of a remake of an older movie plot with Charlton Heston. The theme is a doctor in the military who stays behind to cure a deadly and human changing disease, and creepy zombie like beings come out at night. He sacrifices himself for a woman and young child we don’t know if it is hers or her brother, or I missed something.


Fukushima number 2 is fizzling like an old fashioned bomb fuse. Could it be beaming enough energy space ward to roll the planet in a new way? I feel like I’m waiting for the end of the Beach Party. And to think I used to do candle light ceremonies with a group of crazy middle age women on those beaches now saturated with airborn, and about to turn into hot soup. One thing I say can never be said again, north Pacific seafood cannot be “fresh,” it’s already partially microwaved.


Over the course of the last few years, I have read quotes and testimony from different smart guys, that we need to wipe out more people to enjoy more stuff, a word specifically used by stuff man extraordinaire, Ted Turner. He wants 98% of all humans to die so he’ll be assured of a tankful for his yacht. Why doesn’t he do the Star Trek thing and be the first to volunteer. It works like this, “I’m jumping off the bridge because there are too many people and I want to be a true leader.”

Go ahead, jump. Another guy wants to live out on the ocean, but I haven’t heard his plan for trash disposal. Won’t it be like Love Canal? Building on a nuked and puked ocean–regardless of carbon dioxide we have a serious problem there–with what, Styrofoam cups?


DHS might have made a fat mistake with hollow point .40 cal. Let me explain. I once had three firearms, a Winchester .30-30, a 16 Ga. shot gun, and a Ruger .357 single action. I was a farmer in Wisconsin. I owned a Duroc sow who for some reason would not breed. One day she went missing. A week later I found that she had obviously spent the whole week in my wood shop. My work had me out on patrol with the town. When I found her I decided it was time for bacon. I went and got my .357 hollow points and the Ruger.

Once before I witnessed a hog being killed with a .22 to the forehead on the x where the eye and ear lines crossed. I assumed the .357 hollow points with their massive power at point blank range would end her life before she could hear the gun or feel any pain. I walked up to her, aimed at the x and carefully pulled the trigger. You could assume my shock when she took off running to the other end of a 210 foot pole barn screaming in rage. Then she turned, and headed back at me. I jumped up on a hay wagon, held on the side by one hand and as my very angry porker came smashing into where I was just standing, neat little hole right where the x met, I shot at it again. Nada! More running pig and three more shots to her forehead and I was shaking with bewildered fear and empathy. This was not my kind of butchery!

When she got to the other end of the barn, I took off running for the door, and damned if she didn’t smack the backside of it when I slammed it behind me. Shaking, I entered the house and my ex-partner could see I was shaken. Like Billy Bob Thornton playing Davy Crockett in the movie “The Alamo,” where he says, “We’re gonna need a lot more men,” I said “I’m going to need a bigger gun.” I got the .30-30 Winchester, and except for missing the first shot and seeing the hole show in my barn door, One head shot with that and she went quiet. What could have happened to all that firepower?


The hollow points went into the skin, broke up in the fat, and left some nasty looking gray trails through her fat. The failed to even get to the bone. So if your assailant is a big guy with a huge beer belly, 3/4 of a billion rounds might not be enough. I recommend the M-1A .308 Winchester for a working firearm in that case.

One thing I’m not clear about, I haven’t heard anything about a few million firearms and cleaning kits. What are they going to do, dispose of Smith and Wesson’s after the clip is empty? I’ve read that Ruger is not taking any  more orders, but that’s mostly civilians buying the Ruger version in .308.

Oh how we love our guns in America, Brady Bunch and the NRA, sponsored by NRA-ILF. Count me in.

Over at Rense.com they reported other agencies want to get into the buy. I’ll tell you what this is, not so much a “kill Americans,” but an inside commodity play to make sure Homeland Security has bullets when the supplies stop flowing. Can you imagine having to come out and answer why you are buying and hoarding when you are telling the people not to? If it’s we’re gonna get you (in the theme of Sen. Diane Feinstein, CA), Americans want to know, and if it’s bullet supplies are running out, the stampede on Wal-Mart and Sam’s will crack the fracks. No win there, so mum’s the word. If it’s an assault, spare parts and  accessories will also be ordered in mass quantity


Global warming, or prelude to ice age, the weather changes. To modify “global warming” to “global weather changes,” begins the rationalization. The smart guys want you to tax yourselves with their ideas until only they own the world, on paper, with paper and electronic privilege chits, which have the value they say, no matter how much your pay. I figured it out the other day. We Americans are fed up, totally fed up with average. We’re sick of normal. Truth is not average, and often it is not normal. Lies make normal into something from an abstraction to a certitude. Like who could possibly admit that there might have been a whole lot of intelligent design to evolution? The argument has always been, which branch of humans is best, the Bonobos or the Chimpanzees. Qualifiededly I like the group sex attitudes of the Bonobos. Do you think that might be why Bonobos are not in the spell check dictionary but chimpanzees is? Chimpanzees are the bad attitude war makers of monkeydom, and you thought there were no monkeys in North America. If there are Lizards, there be Monkeys.

The way things are going, this dream will end soon. I hope the crush with sudden truth and reality isn’t too much harder than losing everything I worked for because somebody sold too many bets against the success without telling all of us we were going to be pushed off the cliff. I am determined to live as long as I can, just so Ted Turner can go first and leave his stuff behind; or in his pyramid.



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