Boiling Frogs

The most accurate study so far of the motions of stars in the Milky Way has found no evidence for dark matter in a large volume around the Sun. According to widely accepted theories, the solar neighbourhood was expected to be filled with dark matter, a mysterious invisible substance that can only be detected indirectly by the gravitational force it exerts. But a new study by a team of astronomers in Chile has found that these theories just do not fit the observational facts. This may mean that attempts to directly detect dark matter particles on Earth are unlikely to be successful.

The threshold of a new mythology has been crossed. We are now streaming toward the Aquarian Age complete with total upheaval of previous scientific theory. From the deepest past we have records for, the struggle of humanity has been the very same as it exists today. A cadre of paid scientist/priests are in control of what is acceptable science, in employ for those who have learned to manipulate by shadow and subterfuge, the reward from working in the schema. All very hush hush is the modus of the opporendi. The paper pushers got greedy, figured a way to make computers spyable and markets manipulatable. Behind the screens is a working group to insure the rule of kings. This is the one side of the true dialectic, which is about many gods, and one God.

Divinity knows

that the vast multitude

cannot exist

without an immense amount

               of intrinsic variety

and that almost everyone

is forced to lead a life

that is burdened with sorrows

               and full of miseries

from living in slave-like subjection

under the rulers

who lord it over them



At various times the Divine has sent

different prophets and teachers first

to this nation, then to that nation. Yet

humans have this weakness, that after a

long period of time certain customs are

eventually accepted and then defended as

immutable truths.


So it happens that nations go to war

to defend their particular beliefs

and to crush those

               who believe otherwise.

“Meditations With Nicholas of Cusa” , James Frances Yockney, Bear Books, Santa Fe, 1987

Who do we wish to believe in this now filled with spooky threat? Seemingly the United States government as is, has declared war on humans and the Earth. We may find many different answers to the question, but what is becoming clear is the dialectic disconnect that must have existed in Solomon’s court.

Landed people are tempted to create a sabbathless society in which land is never rested, debts are never canceled, slaves are never released, nothing is changed from the way it now is and has always been. The give and take of historicality can be eliminated, and all life can be reduced to a smoothly functioning machine. That is the meaning of the producer-consumer consciousness which tempts Israel to betray the meaning of the land.

Brueggemann, 1977, “The Land” pg.65

As the banks and brokerage houses have amassed property from foreclosure, those self same properties are denied from the people by virtue of monetary value control. The situation we live in today is one of hyperinflation, like gasoline and oil, food is now about 30% more expensive making a food stamp ration run out before the month does. Add to that a headline I scanned tonight from the Hampshire Gazette, Republicans want to reduce food stamps. How about we reduce republican salaries? What will happen to the consumer society when the consumer finds out their foreclosed property was owned by a public pension fund and it still brings a profit because of derivatives? As with Nicolas of Cusa, we can know that the efforts of the so-called elite, who in the case of Buffet, still get humbling disease like prostate cancer, are always willing to harm the dispossessed in any way they can. With people of limited abilities to verbalize this phenomenon the term Satan and Satan worship have become popular again. While much of the bible speaks to the problem of the dispossessed, and the promise thereto, the “kings” and their court always seek to rule over for their own profit and sense of power.

They are those who have no standing ground in the community. They are without land and so without power and consequently without dignity. They have “no portion or inheritance with you” (Deut, 14:27). The landed are given as a task at the boundary the care of these when they come into the land. It is one of the tasks that goes with covenanted land and keeps the land as covenanted reality; these who seem to have no claim must be honored and cared for.

Bruggeman, ibid, pgs. 65-66

A few blogs back I took a stance of critique of George Soros’ desire to be known as a philosopher. Lately I have seen reportage that he is an activist financier, thus he is at one and the same with supposed elite in manipulating the environment and affairs to insure the hegemony of the status quo, and yet, the status quo is a threat to the United States as it portends a scarcity of resources squandered in war.

Land is given in covenant. Israel’s central task is to keep it so, never to perceive its land in a social or historical vacuum. In a vacuum all kinds of coercive deeds are possible and even legitimate. But they speak no words, give no gifts, keep no promises. Coercive deeds can never yield life, which after all is Israel’s deepest yearning.

Bruggemann, ibid, pg 67

The history of these concepts have morphed into a world of gift or a world of rock. The world as gift people believe in divinity’s gift of this world to us, where the world of rock people see all as an accident of nature and nature’s dust, with no intelligent design, only evolution, and so, you and I are mere meat suited self centered consciousness looking out for number one. There’s that vacuum spoken about by Burggemann above.

Through various essays and reports, the experts present a strong case for a single, simple fact: our civilization cannot sustain the same path of violent competition, ever-expanding economies, continued depletion of resources …

Greg Braden, “Fractal Time”, Hay House 2009  pg. 190

Since we have to change, why cannot we do as Iceland has done and declare Jubilee. Let’s face it squarely, the system is broken, forgot the gift of planet and place, systemizers are bankrupt with no vision other than lining their personal silk pockets, and if Republicans, want to disown those who have “no portion or inheritance with you” (Deut, 14:27). Is Republican a new word for ignorant?

When people profit each other they are friendly, and when they cause each other loss they become estranged, it is the operation of natural law. This is a means of perceiving the separation between difference and sameness.

“Thunder In The Sky,” translated by Thomas Cleary, Shamabala 1994 pg. 45;4

Politics will not solve any problems, only create more of the same. Activism has to be set strongly against the doors of prejudice of a people long habituated to the producer-consumer consciousness. This world is gift, gift of God. Neither you nor I, no matter what your human capacity, is capable of the complexity of a fruit fly’s creation. You nor I can create a fully functioning world. The Divine Force is against the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the manipulative, coercive, and unprincipled. There is a Great Reckoning, and since the activist profiteers will not change, we see the laws and actions of their hired monkeys.

Walk forth, peacemakers! Yes, you shall be acclaimed sons of Elohim! Peace is the fruit of an artisan’s work. It is the slowest and most patient way of walking. Peace cannot be commanded by throwing money at a problem, nor by overthrowing a government. It is nothing less than the Son of Man and the Son of God being born within ourselves.

Jean-Yves Leloup, “The Gospel of Mary Magdaline”, Inner Traditions, 2002, pg. 79

As we cross the threshold of the new age so ballyhooed, why don’t we try the Aquarian solutions which would be to adopt the idea that life and earth are gift, and our continued existence relies on re-inventing the myths which govern our maya, our dream illusion of truth? What’s so wrong with food stamps being increased for the sojourners, the dispossessed? What’s wrong with assuming there is intelligent design behind evolution? Maybe because the ideas are directly antagonistic to individuation of ego. As with the Ayn Rand notion of ownership, anything we think of as separate, like workers and management, is but an illusion of the producer-consumer consciousness. In a world of scarcities, the only sensible government is one of “gift,” or that the people are commanded by God to take care of one another.

And this ball we stand upon, in all its splendor of green, blue, red, yellow, purple, and gold, is the gift of Elohim. It is not a gift of George Soros or Warren Buffet, nor any other human of royal elite supposition.

Be it ever so humble of a rock in the universe, this gift and its history are my guiding light. One magnificent God has brought us here and given us all we need to ever know, and as has been demonstrated, Israel can be marched out of town by the very God who seeks only gratitude for the gift.

Iceland as a nation has adopted the truth in 2012 of Jubilee. The rest of us are in hot water until we do the same. Greece andd Spain don’t need “bailouts,” they need Jubilee. Jubilee is the Grand Sabbath.


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