So it happens t…

So it happens that nations go to war

to defend their particular beliefs

and to crush those

               who believe otherwise.

“Meditations With Nicholas of Cusa” , James Frances Yockney, Bear Books, Santa Fe, 1987


What can I say? The bulk of humanity is content to rush ahead to certain destruction of the planet simply to make a buck. I found an old book from the 1970’s a few weeks back, and the predictions included all the stuff I have been tracking that is not carbon dioxide, a necessary and important gas for our living. I asked myself at a point in the 1980’s, why are the Powers of Assumption, the religeo-political class, attempting to keep us focused on being the enemy of our nest and believing that a necessary gas for life is our main weapon? The painful reality is that decisions are being made for economic gain by a few who think they are above the rest of us. Authors Gowan, Lakey, Moyer, and Taylor, in “moving toward a new society” 1976, New Society Press; offer an explanation that we must de-industrialize America in the world benefit. They build upon truths and comment about how America does things.

The American culture of maximum production and consumption is also an ecological anachronism. Perhaps the most widely-used measure of success in our society is the annual growth in the real Gross National Product. However, GNP is not a measure of either happiness or even the economic welfare of the nation. The GNP includes military spending, advertising, excessive packaging, built-in obsolescence, unnecessary model changes, and excessive baubles of affluence such as electric carving knives. On the other hand, it does not subtract the negatives of resource depletion, environmental deterioration and damage to human health which increase with economic growth. (pg.51)


Imagine the old electric knives. Now take out your Iphone, need I say more? Look at those phones. People are dieing in Africa over the scarce resources it takes to make them. People are living desperate lives in city slums so Eurocolonialists can enjoy the maya of a good life. The height of ignorance — ignore — not an intelligence factor,  but an ignore-ance factor, is the use of those gadgets with the suppressed research the microwaves are frying your brain. Imagine that we were warned back in 1976!

The need for a maximum GNP is also related to our private enterprise economy: maximum profits are related to maximum production and consumption. Using the example of automobiles, larger cars are more environmentally destructive: they use more materials and energy in production, use more gas and oil when operated, and pollute more in both their use and disposal. However, the automobile industry has foisted large cars onto the American public because, according to Henry Ford, “minicars make miniprofits.” [see book for citation]


What has changed? BH Obama, President, is now campaigning that his government saved General Motors. So, save General Motors and make you cough up the phlegm of oil pollution; it’s all your fault BP coated the world in oil like the old paint can label. Any activism I professed in the 70’s and 80’s was steam rolled over by people who call me negative and tell me to just be positive, while they greedily gobbled the feed trough of all possibilities GMO and such, like eat your Fukushima wheaters kiddies. I am still struggling to get a little heads up attention in a sea of lemmings rushing toward self and global destruction. Forget the idea of living simply so that others can simply live, that’s too communist! For my personal point of view, Marx was an asshole of industrialism with as much or more destruction in the schema as capitalist.

  Another limitation of the private enterprise system is that it cannot meet the needs of the world’s poor, and, in fact, increases the gap between the rich and poor. Food and other limited resources in the capitalist world, for example, go mostly to the “haves” who can afford to purchase them, while the poor majority have no economic “demand” in the market place and, therefore, do not get their needs met. While over a billion people are hungry, therefore, much of the world’s richest agricultural land is withdrawn from production through government subsidies, cash crops are grown in the hungry nations for the over-fed, and the hungry nations are net exporters of protein. In the capitalist world, the problem is not so much how to increase production capability as it is how to increase the purchasing power of the poor and hungry. This is what the capitalist system cannot do. This is also what the green revolution or increased technology can’t do. In fact, they do the opposite. Ibid, Pg. 52


On Facebook yesterday, I read a political claim of saving General Motors. What do you think? Are any of the socio-political realities we witness in our daily lives directly related to these warnings of the 1970’s? Al Gore, you’re way too late and your message is deeply flawed by reliance on miniscule technological analysis. Bill McGibben, standing on the foundation of ruined covered bridges chanting the carbon thing is uselss smoke screening asking me to discover who funds your “” Why don’t you close up your college as a huge waste. Wasting fuel, teaching children a flawed science, with loans they can never repay on their downward journey into the abyss?

How about that Yankee Vernon thing? You know, the old used up leaking and fragile nuclear power plant sitting over the waters of New England’s major river, the Connecticut.

American utility companies are making choices on the basis of their maximum profit as their overriding concern, and their choice of fission energy as the major method of meeting America’s future electricity needs doesn’t make sense from a safety viewpoint,but it does from a maximum profits viewpoint. (*see book for citation) pg. 51


You and I, our health, our children’s health, the health of the planet and all sentient beings, is nothing if not more profit for the system of converting God’s Gift to man’s pleasures. In “Meditations On The Apocalypse” F. Aster Barnwell demonstrates how John used the psychology of the times, astrology, to decode the true meanings of the Book of Revelations. How old is this impulse of humanity? Where did we begin to go “wrong?” Barnwell uses the wheel of the Zodiac and its observed psychological insights as a whole unit of personality within, not the newspaper funnies of what your life shall be like today.

The spontaneous release of energy at the Taurus pole is experienced by an individual as the need to acquire command and dominion over the environment, both physical and social. However, this impulse to dominate may result in the individual projecting importance on to material things and then trying to possess them. The inevitable consequence is that instead of adding to the stature of the Self, the Self becomes debilitated, since possessing and being possessed are in effect the same psychological reality.


When we place significance in possessing things, we are, in effect, vesting powers outside of ourselves with authority over our own inner state of contentment. It is only when this characteristic Taurus proclivity for dominance is balanced with the understanding that we are subjecting ourselves to that which we subject, that the expression of Taurus energy can lead to true Self expansion. pg 58 1992


We have entered a critical phase in the neo-economy. The best action any of us can take relates to Derrick Jensen’s “Endgame,” stop right now, whatever we think we are doing, all the evidence points to a Taurusian overshoot. This is not about simple star chart predictions but much more, a whole psychological system encoded for initiates in the Judeo-Christian — the whole world religions, actually — and if we are awake to it, we can see all around us the natural consequences of it. Take for instance, the latest in conflict of interests, George Soros, a big fan of Obama for President, has a company in Spain where the Untied States Presidential election will be counted. He’s in the know in this game and this is his 2008 book “The Crash of 2008 and What It Means.” He predicts, in line with the noted progression seen in the seventies explained above:

As the economic outlook deteriorates, the Putin regime will be unable to satisfy people’s economic expectations, and it is likely to rely more actively on arbitrary state powers. After all, the Kremlin is occupied not by cautious bureaucrats of the Soviet era but by buccaneers who were willing to take risks to get where they are. They may translate into military adventures abroad and repression at home. Already, two prominent political opponents were recently assassinated, and a proposed law treats any association with foreign NGO as treason. pg. 204


On today, is a story about Russia just saying we will bury your missile defense system. What is happening here is becoming ever so clear, except those who still have their stake in the ground of their material world chose ignorance and convenient suppositions in the maya, the illusion. The truth to the Illuminati is that some of us are like monks, we know, we have been graced with visions, and we prepare to survive as best we can, being always ready to do the next dramatic step; die. Who needs a remote viewing when the handwriting is on the dining room wall? Call for Daniel!

I seem to remember from my limited days under the inculcation of Dominicans — the old Inquisition authroity — that God said if we keep being bad children, the planet will be taken away. Is this the voice of God?

n an article released in the Council of Foreign Relations Journal by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the organization praised the use of heavy metals into our atmosphere to combat global warming. This reasoning is a hoax, considering that man-made climate change is a lie perpetrated onto the world’s populations by the global Elite and the UN’s IPCC. Scientists worldwide have come to the fact that the sun is heating up not only our Earth, but all the planets in our solar system.


With the simple pointers I put here, how does the capitalist system continue? Make a profit is the motive, can you imagine the profit in chemtrailing? And if you believe it is a conspiracy theory, check with this guy further and find:

John Holdren , Obama’s Science Adviser believes that geo-engineering will assist the planet is stabilizing its weather with regard to global warming.

Holdren sees geo-engineering as a perfectly viable way to cool the planet’s temperature. He fully supports the process of releasing particles of barium, magnesium, aluminum, nano-fibers, bacillus blood spores and other chemicals to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.



Do me a favor. Stop what you are doing right now. Take five minutes and go outside and look around. This is the Best Day of your life! How do you know you will have another day, or another life? Does it matter? Yes, being positive is a fantastic idea, now translate that into positive action. How can we know if it’s good positive action? Will it promote the benefits we enjoy to the Seventh Generation to come? Somehow chemtrailing simply doesn’t fit that scenario. Maybe God, holy by whatever name means God to you, is pulling the plug on this experiment in sentient beings. Certainly extinctions proceed from the mouths of chemtrailers who also support Monsanto because they believe they rule the world like Bulls. Proof you say?

The National Institute of Health has found that geo-engineering is directly responsible for neurotoxins found in human blood, lungs; as well as causing a whole host of neurotoxic conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Holdren is joining the man-made climate change alarmists who threaten that global warming will not be slowed down in time to reverse the imaginary “tipping point”. One of the claims is that the ice will completely melt in the Arctic; although scientific researchers show that this is blatantly untrue.

A Syracuse University study found that climate change is natural and not caused by man.

The researchers studied the Earth’s heat cycles over 1,000 years in the past until now. They found:

  •  Earth is actually cooling
  • Arctic ice is not melting
  • CO2 is not the cause for the extreme weather changes recently seen



I opened a web page on Soldier’s Grove Wisconsin, America’s first solar city, and there was the bank that I built the wall in the picture for. I remember each stud, the sheathing, how the collector part as I helped finish it was in the 80 degree range while it was minus 20 below outside.I remember my struggles to be a good orgainc food producer, laughed at, ridiculed by family and some friends. I remember my service to the West Tisbury Dump Committee as the kind of lets start on the bottom and work our way up, to be totally suppressed and reduced during the 1980’s and 1990’s while people all around me gave little concern for anything but their own grandiose plans for avarice. And they have succeeded, and now those who were the believers who must now simply live, are pissing and moaning that people like me are the problem because we are conspiracy theorists, tree huggers, homegrown terrorists, and it should be illegal for us to redress our grievances in the name of corporatocracy profits.

The eggs that have been broken are in an omelet in somebody else’s belly.

Sorry, I have to leave this thought train — 16 coaches long — and head out into the simple life, all day, all night, Mary Ann.


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