Upon Learning of the Demise of the World

I don’t think this stuff up, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper:



A new study by 22 biologists and ecologists has found that environmental changes on our planet are reaching a point of no return that leads to mass extinctions and harms human welfare. The situation, said one scientist, “scares the hell out of me.” That would be James H. Brown, one of the authors of alarming paper published by Nature, talking to New York Times Green blogger Justin Gillis. Brown is not one of your everyday cranks predicting raptures and the end of days. He is a macroecologist at the University of New Mexico. And as The Atlantic‘s James Fallows, who pointed out this terrifying study to us, writes, this could be the most important news of 2012. How soon do these scientists expect the world as we know it to end? Gillis writes, “within a few human generations, if not sooner.” The most frightening thing is that this finding isn’t about what will come if we do not act, but that our effects on the planet’s environment — global warming, population growth, and overall resource extraction — means that we’ve already passed a ”tipping point.” This isn’t a plea for change. These are things scientists have been warning us about for decades.




 My streaming thoughts:

Many people know, I have been warning for years, too. I gave up for a while to focus on raising two more doubters. As scientists have warned: so have farmers, especially family farmers; builders with solar experiments; electrical engineers; computer hacks; financiers; spiritual program authors and guides; gurus; American Indians– I would now add that we are quite an ignoring-ignorant-ignoramii. We have ways to live clean and sustainably, have had for all my generation, but the Great Left of the revolutionary Sixties died with Jerry Rubin huckstering junk bonds.  For a while there, they thought they could run an electronic computer money game for unlimited wealth, ever forgetting the Goddess Mother-Father Elohim Aum Aumakua is the wealth , just the wealth, and only the wealth. No matter how many times the experiment has been tried, One World is not possible. The world needs swamps for the crooks and pristine lakes for the righteous. To sin with OIL and pour upon Lake George and Tahoe is the arrogance that will now fester life. Spice it with some GMO, genetically modified organisms, lots of estrogenic plasticizers and limp dicks need viagra. Don’t mention vagina in Michigan, unclean, unclean! Hot Salsa! Now the White Light Snake has been loosed. From the trailing atmosphere we back into Fukushima back draft every forty days; and its name shall be wormwood; Chernobyl in Russian.

Remember the Ignoramii! How did I let my government end up dusting the planet with low levels of “depleted” uranium (kind of like shitting in a pot, settle out the muck, and put it in bullets, shit is shit).

Breathe deep! That’s the Huna way. You make extra mana — life force energy — and send your thought picture up to the Higher Selves Mother-Father Aumakua with that energy charge. Get a good wiff! That’s benzene and diesel particulate from the snake of Iron that courses flowing this way and that at mad pace to win the human race and kill the Mother-Father Goddess Elohim Aum First Mother’s Turtle upon which we live.

Occultists live. They have taken the ceremonies and opened the vials of a Myth called Apocalypse because they knew you were in fear. And you knew me not, nor followed my word when I said read F. Aster Barnwell, because the story is astrologically framed about as perfectly as the media’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming which strips you of reason. They said last election, “Obama’s using NLP!” As many of us went “oh, duuuh, now musicians and masseuses can understand as well as the visualizers.” Change may not appear as of yet, study German history of my father’s generation and you will know our coming challenge, if you’re up for it, I mean, I wouldn’t want you to have to strain a muscle for the really new world order collapse is using to yank the freaking rug right out from beneath those who would call the black snake, the red snake, and the white light snake, into play for their “profit” in electrons on a witnessed hard drive — that’s money folks — if you look real hard you can see the hood of the other snake rising.

The Yellow Snake rising will be of bile from eating corruption and vile, lest Lady Macbeth find you a cure with her witches the pot has been stirred as yonder rises the snake of bile to mix with the gulf oil, meathean pollution, rust bucket burning, a dance of NewMyth to carve on rocks because if Planet X don’t tip our pole, our own energy grids could, given their randomness and hubris, attached to the snakes all at the base;

build stone structures 100% solar heated unless you have a guaranteed seat to a Kolrob near you, Mars might work but the journey through the radiation fries all human sized life. DNA might survive, but remember, even in reincarnation you don’t know if you ever really had a soul or not, it’s the faith game — what all Mother-Father Elohim Aum Aumakua ask of us; you could read the Popul Vul.

Herein the ramble of an old tired activist, picking patio table sawdust out of my eyes. A great and wonderous past time is watching and learning the chickens zoology. I could write a Ph.D. Doctor of Chicken Sociology, Permaculture (c), Omniculture (c) (as the Woody Woodpecker laughs up the hill). Maybe I connect. Maybe I am like them, the Feathered Serpent. They have scales on their hoary feet. Their beak is a biting machine with sensitive tongue. Feathers-scales, lay eggs, love dirt. KulKulkan! The white sailor from across the sea would bring what on his boat? Cockledoodledo, for meat and eggs and deep hull sanitation.

Bug out bag–hand crates for fowl.

Steam winding down on the inside.

The world is a place of do do do.

Don’t get so deep in the do do do that you don’t have time to direct saving grace in the struggle to lower the event horizon, who knows, the Brother-Sister Iroquois (sonds French to me!) say “Give peace a chance.”

Somebody you can see on a video told you that once–the most powerful warrior is the creative prophetic peace warrior.

Acceptance and resistance go hand in hand and contact to contact in Tesla free power. It’s all about what you’ve got right now because entropy has us all. You can always read Wi ki pedia  ”’

I am a selective information warrior, not always including because there are some who can digest and some that can’t — beware of Monkey Brain — this one flies to many.

I may blog it up, too.

]{Phew! What a stream!}]

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