Broken Records

     I have been searching the alternative news sites more intensely of late. Rense, Huffington, Pakalert Press, Alex Jones, and as many as I can, even some being Les Visible. There seems to be a lot of repetition.

9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11, I looked up at my clock when I made the decision to come to a computer to write this, it was 3:11.

In 1922 Alexander Chizhevsky, a young Belarusian scientist, unveiled to the world a preposterous theory; that all the great upheavals in the history of man, such as social unrest, war, and revolution, were caused by the activity of the sun. These extraordinary claims, contained in his first book, Physical Factors of Historical Process, were greeted with near universal derision, and for a time, the brooding, pallid twenty-five-year-old, a descendant of a court tenor and a member of heredity nobility who was already tainted by his aristocratic lineage in the eyes of his countrymen, became the laughingstock of the newly ensconced Bolshevik Party, which disparagingly nicknamed him “the Sun Worshipper.” After all, he was essentially suggesting that all the tumultuous events leading to Russia’s liberation from corrupt tsarist rule had nothing to do with ideology or the motivation of the country’s workers and everything to do with sunspots. (McTaggart, 2011, pg.37)

Can you imagine how far I would get suggesting that cosmic events are shaping things even as ugly as Sandy Hook? Headlines; school shootings caused by sunspots, scientists agree.


Can you imagine Charlie’s rants about the end of all time when the dollar crashes any second now are being driven by sunspots and the solar magnetic control of Earth?

Where’s Paul Drockton these days, with a Latter Day Saintly Vision being driven by sunspots.

Several years ago Halberg and Cornelissen collaberated with a number of neuroscientists to determine whether autism might be influenced by geomagnetic factors. Up until that time no seasonal variations in autism had been detected; no more children develop autism in winter, say, than in spring. When Halberg and his colleagues compared the incidence of autism with solar activity, however, they found a distinctive signature between geomagnetic cycles of 1.9 years in length and failure of children to bond with their mother. Solar influences were so strong that they affected maternal love. (Ibid, pg 43)

When we ask ourselves, why is this happening, could we accept that something chaotic with the heliomagnetosphere is at the cause of our larger problems on Earth? When we chant around the park about being stardust and golden (the Solar Hermetic correspondence color), are we open to the idea that existence, or YHVH-Elohim, might contain factors our child like human nature fail to consider? Somewhere there, is that internet meme; sheeple.

YHVH is not a deity. We have often said that, according to Qabala. the real mystery which it is totally impossible to understand is, simply, existence. Any deistic notion serves to remove from the mind, by means of fallacious explanations, the disturbing realization of that all-invading immediacy. …

     The natural supports of these devices are omnipotent deities, because in fairy tales magic wands are their own explanations: magic is magic and God is almighty, and for many that is enough. …
    When YHVH ceases to be anthropomorphized,
Sarah and Yitzhhaq, and for that matter Abramham, must solely be a set of schemata, or formulas, expressing different states of energy.They must abandon the human shapes that the psyches have kept alive, as complexes, through many centuries, with the obstinate–and unconscious–purpose of not wishing to understand them.( Suares 1970, pg 162)

We purposefully ignore our responsibility toward the future because we are locked into a prison of miscalculated beliefs. On top of our discomfort that the solutions we need to our problems require us to work, actually work, mostly like the Maoist Cultural Revolution, we have buried ourselves behind a Faraday Cage of wires that numbs our feelings and helps GMO agriculture to eat holes through our cosmic self defense; and the biggest screaming match is over the right to use deadly force? YHWH-Kali Ma.

That’s a new age Oy Vey! Straight from my Weston CT days. Did we NOT shoot up schools because our mothers and fathers beat the crap out of us when we infracted the rules? Everyone I knew could describe the process of field dressing an animal–non-gender specific. And now, to think my personal indiscretions, the Vietnam War, the seemingly crazy shooting the Kennedy’s, all that might have been made more likely a vibration by sunspots or the lack thereof? Okay, I’ll stay open. In my Weston/Westport schools, we were much more likely to be killed or injured driving or riding in cars than the firearms that hung on the walls around town. I can buy the concept that masculinity has been served a severe blow when young men feel the only power they have is the handle end of a gun.

Dad was one of those WWII heroes. Chest full of metals from flying a plane over the Pacific. He took me out early to introduce me to his blood lust; killing woodchucks for New York and Vermont farmers. He instructed me until my first kill, the blood duly wiped on my cheeks. Dad’s woodchuck gun was one of those high powered .22’s like the .223. It hung on the wall in a room with a sliding glass door and large fixed glass window. These days, a baseball bat and an untrained brat and bye bye guns. They need to be chained down when your “out of town.”

   In a healthy society, neighborhood and community government will be revived and as much resources and power will be transferred to the local level as possible. This will provide the basis for local community ownership and control of many productive resources, and people will be engaged much more in face-to-face decision-making, rather than dealing with anonymous bureaucracies. (Gowan, Lakey, Moyer, Taylor,  1975, pg 176)

We know we do not have a healthy society, in fact it is quite sick. It’s running a fever, just check the wasted gas burn off in North Dakota. A handful think they can rule us better than we can rule ourselves, because they don’t want us to know, before it’s too late, that they used everything up making us trinkets and  bi-annual fashion. They want us to believe we cannot govern ourselves as alluded to in the above quote.

While the United States is the top producer, consumer, and polluter in the world, at the same time many people’s needs are not being met. Slums increase, housing is pitiful for many, crime stalks the streets, and even such basic needs as health care are not met.

     The main way of solving these problems, according to the U. S. ideology and economic system, is through more development. Economic growth, rather than being  able to solve the problems, though, is the major cause of the problems. More economic growth within the private enterprise system (controlled by big corporations and big government0 will fail to solve our problems in the future just as it has failed in the past. ( Ibid, 1974, pg. 158)

Maybe the young people know there is little chance of a future of promised abundance. Maybe the shootings are a force of life, driven by cosmic complications and flawed human expectations. Maybe who the shooters really want to shoot is unavailable so they strike out at the next most convenient target. Maybe it’s gangland or drug related events, or maybe clandestine false flags, I mean think about it, anyone who could kill children with a drone, could pull the trigger on innocence itself. There’s just not way we could defend against that other than armed guard with integrity, on duty.

John O’Neil took his post at the World Trade Towers in New York, his first day, 9-11-2001. And he, warned the government about the plots.

Will you do the work for the future, or are you comfortable in your Faraday cage?


The Cypher of Genesis: Carlo Suares, Weiser, Boston 2005 (1970)

Moving Toward a New Society: Susanne Gowan, George Lakey, William Moyer, Richard Taylor;  New Society Press, Philadelphia, 1975,

The Bond; Lynne McTaggart Free Press, NYC, 2011

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