Community of Collective

A community is a group of individuals who share a common path for survival, often supported by a common myth. There is a connection in the words both containing comm’. At the turn of the last century, the work of “higher initiates” began to change the mythological basis of our global existence. The most dramatic single incident of “spectacle” that occurred was the first nuclear bomb test in the Western United States. That explosion marked the ultimate progression of industrialism, the curve of industrialism began to fall off as a result of the changing nature of the technosphere.

The technosphere created a whole list of possibilities in the industrial sublimation of the planetary life. The United States and Europe fast became computer giants at manipulation of the financial aspects of industrialism where once was needed “economic hit men.” For this American population I live within, institutionalized denial is the mode of thinking.

“Moving Toward A New Society,” written by Susanne Gowan, George Lakey, William Moyer, and Richard Taylor, points to the process which today yields the investment grade sequester mentality.

Not only have American firms drained poor nations of surplus capital throuout the “decade of development”, but between 1950 and 1965, U.S. corporations appropriated profits ($25.4 billion) from the poor nations amounting to almost three times the inflow of U.S. investment dollars ($9.0 billion). [footnote 12] Moreover, the Western rich nations have similarly decapitalized the now underdeveloped nations for centuries. [footnote13]  One notorious example is the report from the Chilian government that the expropriated earnings from that poor country by four U.S. corporations over a 60-year period exceeded the entire gross national product of Chili during that time. [footnote 14] –pgs 66-67

Their material continues with other ways the U.S. corporations and the banks in particular are stripping resources for the accumulation of capital to extract more Third World resources. The authors tell us “the developed capitalist nations have gained extensive ownership and control over the political economics of the poor nations (while simultaneously decapitalizing them).” These authors support my work over the years “that the world is approaching the end of a relatively brief era which had unlimited industrial production.” Limiting locals reduces profits, but the elite minds of the corporadistas are so full of themselves, they only believe in their own creativity and right to profit.

In the past we have been able to give those with less a little more to pacify them so that they didn’t see that those with more were increasing their share also. With the dawning of a new era in which the American pie stagnates and shrinks, people will demand action on their problems because the future can only be worse for them and their children. pg. 107

We have crossed the point known as Blowback. The Third World is opening up with computers, necessary for a completion of the New World Order as opposed to a New Society. New Society as the authors discuss in this important little book published by New Society Press, involves a community focused consciousness wherein people are more important than profits. There is undercurrents of Marxism and Democracy based on compassion for people and families, all of which we can see as under attack right now by the very same corporate collectivists.

A collectivist believes in collecting your metabolic energy for the greater glory and substance of the elite egotist maniacs. This is a sucking, just like “owning ” humans is a slave sucking operation. The carbon of a being is converted to dollars for the computer illusions of wealth we kowtow to. Don’t believe it? How about those Bulls and Bears of Wall Street. You believe in an “almighty” dollar, and you’re worshiping the Scared Cow and Bear. Crawl up, slowly so you won’t get a nose bleed, but your denial has trapped you in an ancient system the Founding Fathers and Mothers of America foresaw and warned against. Then the main guy behind the corporate accumulation — D. D. Eisenhower — warned you about the “unholy” alliance. Yet you slept on while I cried in the streets.

(3) The primary cause of poverty is the political-economic system, not the lack of individual  effort of the poor. … We have shown that the structure of the American economy requires high unemployment and under-employment of the poor (there are 50 million Americans living in families or alone who have  who have income levels designated as poor or near-poor, and another 50 million are not much better off.

Quick extrapolation: over 100 million firearms have been sold to Americans since 2000. Poor people rarely afford a firearm, so somebody up the chain is expecting a problem, especially co-factoring the .40 caliber hollow point purchases by the government in the trillions of rounds.

It is a popular belief that many of the poor are lazy and don’t want to work, but the studies by government and university researchers show that poor Americans, including those on welfare, adhere strongly to the American work ethic. pg 117

These authors provide their best guess scenario to us based on their limited view of the future from the perspective of where the authors were then. We have the luxury to know how true their predictions were because we are now living in the time. They projected that:

By the last decade of the century, not only do these problems grow worse, but they are overshadowed by others. Atomic radiation threatens all life. Accidents at atomic energy plants make several large sections of the United States uninhabitable. Thousands of tons of wastes from atomic energy plants are lost in underwater streams and threaten life with cancer. Skin cancer is the most common ailment because of the virtual elimination of the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Much of modern industrialization is slowed to a deep depression pace because the reserves of world oil have peaked and are on the decrease while prices hold at maximum levels. The same holds true for many key nonrenewable resources required by the industrialized world. … Several suitcase bombs have been exploded … unknown plaque attacking the high-yield wheat seeds … serious food shortage to panic levels …  pg. 219

Seen any of those in the news lately?  How about we look at a microcosm of the affective corporations:

Calling anyone who protests against the violation of their human and constitutional rights a terrorist can end up becoming a self-fulfilling accusation. When every avenue of nonviolent dissent is closed down, should we really be surprised that the forests are filling up with extremists, insurgents, and militants? … It is utterly urgent for resistance movements and those of us who support then to reclaim the space for civil disobedience. To do this we will have to liberate ourselves from being manipulated, perverted, and headed off in the wrong direction by the desire to feed the media’s endless appetite for theater. Because that saps energy and imagination. pgs 12-13  Arundhati Roy, “An Ordinary Person’s Guide To Empire”

What’s the bottom line here. We have been lied to. We have been made to believe in Judge Julius Hoffman as opposed to Abbie Hoffman, Abbie told Julius Hoffman, “”you are a ‘shande fur de Goyim’ You would have served Hitler better.” (link)  Abbie Hoffman was reminding Judge Hoffman that he also had a higher calling than the one to which he was then serving; the corporate machine we lament this day.

The real issue is that the privatization of essential infrastructure is essentially undemocratic. The real issue is the towering mass of incriminating evidence against big dams. The real issue is the fact that over the last fifty years in India alone big dams have displaced more than thirty-three million people. The real issue is the fact that big dams are obsolete. They’re ecologically destructive, economically unviable, and politically undemocratic. The real issue is the fact that the Supreme Court of India ordered the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam to proceed even though it is aware that it violates the fundamental rights to life and livelihood of the citizens of India. … It is important to remember that our freedoms, such as they are, were never given to us by any government, they have been wrested by us. If we do not use them, if we do not test them from time to time, they atrophy. If we do not guard them constantly, they will be taken away from us. If we do not demand more and more, we will be left with less and less. ( pgs. 13-14 &17 Ibid Roy)

Fat asses America! Where is your lust for freedom and liberty? Can you only revert to taking away what another has brought through the gift of life on this cosmic dust speck? The elite are the chicken shit of the Evil One. Get rid of that corn syrup jiggle and be fit.

Many internet writers profess to call Americans Sheeple.  Not quite the truth as most Americans are wagon pulling draft horses conveniently sided with blinders. Blinders are put on a horse’s bridal to make sure the horse focuses where the driver wants it to go. Denial is blinders. Bridal is the leather driving gear, marrying a horse to the will of the driver. Collectivism means bridling the horse and collecting its metabolic energy for the task of motion. You can continue to live in a society that collects your energy more and more only if you give up entirely on the outcome, because the Third World has lost their blinders, and since they have been forced to live closer to primitive at America’s domination behest, they are a whole level more brutal than the worst of the worst in America.

You want a New Society of Community? Get in there, pitch in. Some of us have been working hard, others very steady, some of our efforts have removed bridals, the horses now run free and fly like Pegasus. I found a very useful tool was letting go of your dismissals and put downs, your ignorant rantings about economic constructs, farming irresponsibly, and resource misuse. Eat your GMO Pablum with corn syrup honey and stop your wining.

If you don’t see the results of your personal involvement, maybe you still have the blinders on.

Meditate on it.

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