A Sunday Night’s Musing In The Myth Making

I got some additional training this past week. You know the kind where life events create real time situations I can look back upon and decide, Yes, that is where I learned to do that, or yes, that is where the strength came from past experience. On one side of this post is this narrative, our collective WordPress-FaceBook-WWW narrative of electronic chatter. No doubt the East Coast’s week old storm was useful in hiding the derivatives bust. The other aspect of this page is the weather itself and the more resultant chatter of how much global warming are we humans actually responsible for? The recent past weeks gave us a study that says half is anthropocentric, and half is heliocentric, or galactic driven in cycles. Meditations on cycles with Gregg Braden’s book, “Fractal Time,” are very helpful. My exposure to the science of cycles came through my favorite print venue, Acres, USA; The Voice for Eco-Agriculture. As a result, I’m half and half with the global warming thing. Seriously, has anyone ever considered the impact to environment of 7 Billion 90 degree space heaters in an environment averaging about 60? So, could we say our bodies alone are having an impact? Certainly every aspect of energy we are using–carbon based or not– has a residual effect as per any grade school education or four year old bright light watching Mr. Wizard could explain.

Can we modify a statement to catch the Zeitgeist and still convey the butterfly’s wings when we might say Sarah Palin’s speeches start tornadoes in Tennessee.

Lesson one of the week was about place and time. I have a small “office,” I used when I actually earned a livable wage, that I use as my center for computing, telephone messaging within reason as it is someone else’s private line. I won’t digress into past lessons and current results thereof, you can find those stories back the pages. I made a contact with a source who told me about a fast moving storm, and as it was already snowing in golf ball wet clusters, I didn’t know how it could do what he said it would, begin to hit very hard. Part way through the night I moved my truck out from under the tree that had already smacked my camper twice with sizable broken off limbs. Then as I relaxed I knew, the power will go down. And it did, and my Friday night plans for Rutland were logged in. Seven days later, the power was turned back on today. I might have made it if I got out earlier as above Brattleboro (VT-both), there was a different night altogether. Timing an escape can be critical.

So can knowing how to hold up. Once under the snow slop, there was no traveling. Trees blocked roads everywhere just south of the border. Two days later as I lay about enjoying wood heat, two of my friends came and got me to help clear one of their houses in Belchertown (MA). MA Route 9 east of Amherst looked like one of those scenes from a war movie with hanging wires, a burned transformer, a car buried under a tree, one lane open in spots. The trees my friend Alisha owns are mighty White Oaks. More than one splintered like artillery was shot through her neighborhood. Luckily, including some terrifying roof slappers of my cabin-kaboom kaboom–her roof, nor mine, was damaged, unlike the power lines coming to our houses. Seven days, got water from a spring out back, and used roof melt to bucket flush the toilets, twelve people huddled, one an 82 yo cancer patient going through an operation last week. The tree work has aggravated my L-4/L-5, spinal joint and those thereabouts, so I’m a half a step away from disabled again and being very careful to exercise yet not overstress. I got this way using a chain saw and tugging down a widow maker wishbone of about 2000 pounds of White Oak.

Was it Global Warming? Or was it Global Changes. You know the ones like the Hopi and Maya, Enoch and Nostradamus, warned us about? The week before the storm there was a plethora of chemtrail activity above us. Do weather weapons now exist?

In Gary Eberle’s book, “The Geography of Nowhere,” he discusses the disconnect we feel from nature and the universe as a problem of a three brain system, reptilian, mammalian, human, or should I say humalian. The topic of the book is “Finding One’s Self In The Postmodern World.” Dimitri Orlov warned me about “collapse,” and I can say with keen observation, I have witnessed distress this past week amonst my fellows simply due to loss of the electric life. It’s hard to “turn on” a bucket for water. It must be carried empty to the source and back full again, and if you don’t have town water in town, but are on a well, you’ll need to rely upon your neighbors. Dimitri Orlov was correct, those without far to fall, will have less stress than those falling from on high. My past lessons and this week have alerted me to the absolute readiness state I am in for whatever befalls, limb or limbic.

Over the last two years of searching for whatever morsel of work I can find between Burlington VT and Belchertown MA, fits those categories you might read in a newspaper of people now “in poverty.” How could I possibly be in poverty when He Who’s Voice I hear in the Electromagnetic channels of my connection to the universe says to me, Be Not Afraid, Serve Others. Serve One, Serve Thousands, as Edgar Cayce once said, your soul came here to serve. I experience myself as a finger pointing down into the forward part of my connection to Mind. My electromagnetic antennae is my spine and chords of chi running between the chakras. The Jesus sayings tell me to come up out of the world, at the same time, one cannot connect to Electromagnetic I Am without the Low Self, the Low Mind, of reptilian. I believe what the sayings are telling me is also found in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene as the “Anthropos,” or Elohim’s child of completeness undivided from itself and in full connection with the other, Mother Mary- Mary being a word translatable to Mar, or Earth latinized. The narrative expresses that the blood of Jesus, the Holy Blood, was spilled upon the ground from three nails; Maurcie Cotterell speaks of three trimesters of the sun “nailing” our personality in vitro.

Gregg Braden points out in “Fractal Time,” that we are deep within a cycle of Earth Changes having begun in 1980. He is event focused on 12-21-2012, in that “something” will happen. I just checked the news tonight and found more about the MF bankruptcy over derivatives. Everybody likes their numbers. Within the solar sun spot cycles are the modifiers of personality that drive Cotterell’s solar correlations to personality. In the nature of cycles, Eberle adds to Braden, ” gods come and go but the divine remains eternally(pg. 112, 1994).” Genesis, the Book Most Holy, also reveals cycles through the word of Joseph, to Pharaoh. Seven lean, seven fat years, fallow a field every seven. There is the grand schema–Jubilee, which MF stockholders will now meet in equal opposite reaction to the Greed.

Eberle, discusses the agricultural nature of Jesus of the Loaves and Fishes; might he have also mentioned the American Indians Corn and Fishes. Eberle makes comment that we are naturally cycling from modernity/postmodernity like we did from hunter/gatherer, or could it be, As my last essay states, we have misread the codes, been lied to by the priests of Amun, for their Service to Self, willingly disconnected from their Low Self and locked into Reptilian-mammalian materialism. It is they who are afraid, because Jesus myths were preparing you for the next phase, which is coming shortly after we continue this crossing of the galactic void. The picture of Aquarius is a water pourer, or Grace, as water comes, living waters of agriculture will become living water for life as we continue to destroy and pollute as if this place we inhabit wasn’t the “Gift of Land,” Bruggemann expressed, but a happenstance of accident of life on a staticky wet dust speck with a ball magnet for a core, and so, in that case what difference does it make if we warm this cold old planet up a little, it was warming on cycle anyway. If there is no YHWH, Most Holy Elohim Ones, and Suares’ “The Cypher Of Genesis,” is wrong that YHWH  does not mean “existence,” or I Am That I Am  I Exist and give you existence,” then why does it matter if we pollute the place to our self-destruction, we’re only fungus anyway.

The challenge today is to give a plausible, “scientific” explanation for what we have known to be true all along, that myth, ritual, prayer, symbolic activities of all sorts give us a sense of centeredness and wholeness, that they dissolve the logical contradictions of our lives and experience, and thus allow us to continue with the feeling that all is as it should be, the believer’s essential insight. (pg. 113, Suares, 1994)

We can expect, without doubt, that those who’s god is money and the material world, will continue their rituals unto the bitter end of the Third World War they hope to grow their money God from. On the other hand, we can expect an unlimited amount of unexpectables simply because that is the way it has always been and only Mass Media chants the Global Religion of Disaster to scare you into buying too many batteries.

My narrative started out with the modern version of power over others religion and I did just what Eberle said I would; head off sojourning in search of “The Lost Chord.” I’m a lucky one, I found it. I found it in a simple program, not a complicated dogma, no requirements beyond one. And what was done, has convinced this hard old bark of show me the money judgementalism, even unto accepting the foundation of my inculcated half truth religion. And recognizing within its narratives the irrational lies about gender and the persecution of independent thinkers to death.

Fukushima radiation may be killing us all, unto each flash of light in corpus, as the suds of Corexit and the grease of the dark pit ooze into our dinners.

The chatter over Global Warming will not solve anything more than Occupy Wall Street. We are being heavily irradiated, microwaved in place. Most people do not believe God is coming to save us and they are right, because they don’t know the True Word. The True Word is simple, we are souls come here to serve others, not ourselves, and if we want to reincarnate like grass, we can stay in that field of serving oneself. If we want to find out what it means to advance with a True New Age, not some Platonic dream set forth by rich old men with power over minions, then we are going to have to experience an “adding to,” as when Mammalian thinking of hunter gathering slipped into agrarian life, we will be changed by the Water Pourer’s Grace, the Kingdom Will Come, we will be granted more advanced knowledge and communion of ecstatic emotion–connection– upon realization of the Aquarian Upgrade. Simply, Prof. Einstein said we would need a super human thought process to get us out of our human made thought experiments.

Adopted to a power within medicine, I have studied for now about 44 years on the subject of the Divine, which shall not be washed away regardless of what Gods may come or go. I Am Prometheus, rebellious human before Elohim, united in dance forever with the Most Holy One. I am electromagnetic child, my soul living in the nous, the place where The Teacher said he reposed for Mary Magdalene to meet and view. Flux and plasma are terms and actions of the electromagnetic universe. There is no “steady state,” however there exists a capacitance state. Right now our life force energy is “capacitated.” How interesting that the most significant finds of recent scientific exploration identify a shield of electromagnetic Earth energy that holds off the most devastating aspects of solar radiation. And in that delivery of solar radiation is all we ever really need for our existence–except for how things are humanistically organized–we did solar world living for millions of years and have only had the petal to the metal dumping as much fuel in a steel engine as we can over the course of a quarter mile in the Winter Drags for about 150 years now. Arrogance has an equal opposite reaction and sooner than later statistics and cycles tell me that the next time the power might go out for weeks or I might get stuck in some farm in Vermont on a job and be there until spring, there being no gas even for snowmobiles. Or maybe a tree will fall on my truck and camper, trap me in a valley with a fast rising flood, and I’ll wash half way to Massachusetts with a few other items from the hills.

Lucky for me, I’ve learned. How can I be of service?

Got laundry a working, might as well use this newly connected electricity while we’ve got it. Gotta go process it. I’ve learned in the last week that I can be a valuable asset to friends and neighbors, even as I’m a little pushing self destructive incarnatable. I’ve learned about having no money but feeling wealthy as I have friends and relations from Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts who have been persistent at helping me make it through these funny times we are in. I reciprocate and thus have witnessed how each action of Love has an equal and opposite return action of Love, even if it comes from an unexpected source, not the one who’s act of service was forthwith directed. Only in such a serendipity, a synchronicity, can the Most Holy Divine be witnessed, not as miracle, but as “gift,” as Bruggemann says in “The Land (see previous blogs).”

Are we ready to accept the super mind? Will we have to be forged on the anvil? Will it be that the passing away of my generation–and Mr. Soros–has to happen for the “mind” to be layered with reception ability to tune into the fourth mind? Is what we categorize as self destructive action of psychedelic drug use a tuning fork to open the apparatus to Super Mind? To happen it cannot be Platonism, that is old mind, but must rise up from this world to Aristotelianism. To mimic Suares, aristotelianism contains the word, elian, which is a different way of spelling alien, so make room for something alien in your life, this Monday is the Big Bell Day on Wall Street. Alien may come in shadows. Your material world might just be dieing.

Say the magic word, win a hundred dollars, Groucho Marx used to say. Can you say, “It’s like AIG all over again.” The magic word, we need a new myth not about materialism or about money making and spending for the latest electrotrinket. That much of the New World Order we do need. We need our “Gift” back. We need our gratitude for the electromagnetic universe’s Divine Mind which says we are One.  And it will come, on the waves of Aquarian Waters. Air pouring water, like in Fukushima radiation fall out, pretty stupid for a culture to kill itself, but then, given all the genocide of the last 500 years, killing to eliminate DNA lines, we can expect, through the cycle of patterns, that we as cultures will keep rushing headlong into our collective deaths of extinction, some slow and painful, others fast and furious. Why? Because it’s so damn hard not to use the drive through and eat that stuff we know is poison.


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