Beans and Things Encountered

The brown food I eat

reminds of a time not long

Ago in a strange land

when the blood red meat came along.


My efforts were strong

My hours focused and long

a business I built

That bought my Friday’s Fillet Mignon.


Some banker, some creep

sold my future for a Hummer Jeep

AIG busy with shadow hands

Selling out everyone under the CDS land.


So now I grow my beans and corn

and eat fresh raw vegetables

every morn, and the Solient Brown

of days old beans, corn, and chickenables.


But Wait! There’s More.

Right now, you can get Solient Brown

it’s the best covered bet going round,

and if after days of that best cover yet,

you open it up and frown,

remember, clown,

you can always promote Solient Default Swaps.




In Ancient times when people made a decision,

They didn’t have night time hypnotic television,

So the nights of starlight gleaming,

Set their wondering minds Golden Mean dreaming.


And with their Calculations on knuckles alpha streaming,

opened mind to the universe Divine Consciousness flaming,

And WE believe we have the right?

To question how they figured Earth’s journey perfectly right.

When now we have sold our consciousium,

For plastic gadgets of the Intellectium,

And what of stars do we now know,

That taketh away the Ancient’s Mighty Mind glow.


2 Responses to Beans and Things Encountered

  1. Enoch says:

    Nice poem.

  2. dawn says:

    i dig it – thanks for writing.

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