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Community of Collective

A community is a group of individuals who share a common path for survival, often supported by a common myth. There is a connection in the words both containing comm’. At the turn of the last century, the work of … Continue reading

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Grasping At The Meaning

As I mentioned in this blog a few pages back, I am working on photographing sacred structures and architecture in Vermont and surrounding areas. The idea sparked a study that actually began last summer when I was working on Martha’s … Continue reading

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Withem or Aginem

Ever since G. W. Bush said you’re either with us or against us, I have been contemplating who the them and us is. I got a kind of a handle on We, The People, and know that it often has … Continue reading

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On The Way To The Myth Factory

There has been no shortage of distractions chiming in the background these days. At times like this I simply go for prayers like “I am grateful I live in peace with daily hot water.” I’m the kind of person who … Continue reading

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Unlimited Resources and the Dance of Positive Creativity

I’ve been mulling over this writing effort for almost two weeks. What prompts me to consider engaging the few who read my words, you as it is, relates to the items of general discussion I have wrought into electrons and … Continue reading

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A Couple of Comments for Richard C. Cook

  Mr. Richard C. Cook wrote: In the area of spiritual/intellectual/cultural life, we see the increasing standardization of government-run school systems and the suppression of all non-collectivist ideas. We see domination of higher education by corporate-sponsored foundations and think tanks, … Continue reading

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