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Trading Language on the Internet Exchange

As we bandy about the violent extremists meme terrorist/s/as and other Orwellian constructs of New Think Gibber Talk, we could possibly consider the positive side and never again rely on the same metaphor of war that has stained our lovely … Continue reading

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Predicting Collapse

A few times since I became aware of family farm/banker issues, as I have written in previous blogs via Acres, USA; The Voice for Eco-Agriculture, I have heard how it will all collapse in on itself and money will be … Continue reading

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Rich Folks Never Had It So Good — Thank You!

Rich folks never had it so good, Rich folks never had it so good, Media scoundrels don’t care, they don’t care The Caymens are a short hop by air. Lt. John Pike has his fingers on the gas. Lt. John … Continue reading

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