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Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church (Part Three)

What if Suares (part two, one blog back) is correct that the Bible has been completely mistranslated in an upside down fashion? What if what he claims to be the Qabalic answer to the creation is correct and all religions … Continue reading

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No End In Sight (Part Two)

Taking a further look at Derrick Jensen’s “Endgame” philosophy, that we must return to the stone age to be sustainable, goes in the face of the wilderness God as portrayed in my last post as being able to provide for … Continue reading

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Georgia Collards

“The rabbits are eating my bean seedlings,” the farm maid did lament, “It’s the year of the rabbit,” the neighbor muses on the grassy knoll, “Last year it was the pig, and moles ate potato; rooting excrement!” The way of … Continue reading

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Mytholologic of a “Pregnant Philosophy”

Rationality and reality are slippery subjects in these times; a person can have a hard time attempting to find truth through the various intentional and unintentional realities weaving from everywhere near Sirius to the core of the Sun. There is … Continue reading

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On The Way To The Myth Factory

There has been no shortage of distractions chiming in the background these days. At times like this I simply go for prayers like “I am grateful I live in peace with daily hot water.” I’m the kind of person who … Continue reading

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I was born an old goat, the Sun was chasing me out, Diana, Venus, and Mercury riding the waves behind. Jupiter riding the beast, ahead of our procession, and Saturn backing down from lavi. Old Goats do lousy meat make, … Continue reading

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New Myth

In preparation for thisĀ  latest in my mythological studies, I have reviewed our current Zeitgeist. I believe the word applies as times creep ever so backward toward the Nazi ideal of the perfect corporate state run by international bankers and … Continue reading

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