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Community of Collective

A community is a group of individuals who share a common path for survival, often supported by a common myth. There is a connection in the words both containing comm’. At the turn of the last century, the work of … Continue reading

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Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church (Part Three)

What if Suares (part two, one blog back) is correct that the Bible has been completely mistranslated in an upside down fashion? What if what he claims to be the Qabalic answer to the creation is correct and all religions … Continue reading

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Is This The End

I seek to cover more ground with Jensen’s ideas and the nature of the Zeitgeist of Collapse. Between the ideas of a New World Order, with a new world religion, and our tried and true religions from the past, and … Continue reading

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Construction Update

In Southern Vermont there appears no new housing (that I’ve seen yet), other than small cabins owner built, and very limited remodeling. Mainly small repairs and experienced billing rate is $25-$30 for carpentry up scaling with license like plumbing. Unemployment … Continue reading

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Ethnographia Lacadaisia

I am doing a volunteer stint on a farm with a cross section of youth and elders. During my somewhat recent study at the university I participated in anthropology classes and studied various ethnographers. I make no claim of validity … Continue reading

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