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Community of Collective

A community is a group of individuals who share a common path for survival, often supported by a common myth. There is a connection in the words both containing comm’. At the turn of the last century, the work of … Continue reading

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Sovereignty Resides With The People — Mordecai M Kaplan

Some time before 1937 Mordecai Kaplan wrote a book titled, The Meaning Of God In Modern Jewish Religion. What he wrote back then has exact correlation to social circumstances of today. There are many pages around this medium decrying an … Continue reading

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Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church (Part Three)

What if Suares (part two, one blog back) is correct that the Bible has been completely mistranslated in an upside down fashion? What if what he claims to be the Qabalic answer to the creation is correct and all religions … Continue reading

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False Witness

Today I am going after Bill McKibben after having read little more than half of his scare book “Eaarth.” What rankled my attention this morning was a thread through I was carrying in my thoughts about his saying that the … Continue reading

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Letter to a member of The Secret Team

The stars have a funny way of synchronizing things; have you discovered this phenomenon? There is a modern marketing guru named Joe Vitali, who calls himself Mr. Fire. In contrast to his message of “wealth” I have three dollars in … Continue reading

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Adeau Preparedness

I am Guilty of positive thinking, as I showered and visualized fungus radiation eating. Like I’ve see with my very own mind, from a sense, and senses, of TED’s Paul Stamin’s fungi sense abilities. Reminded I am of LA in … Continue reading

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Diamond Back

Snakes invade, and slither in holes, The black snake rose, and wound around the snaky broken hose, spilling its toxic brew, in snakes of black goo to stick on your shoe and give you a kind of snake made flu. … Continue reading

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