Predicting Collapse

A few times since I became aware of family farm/banker issues, as I have written in previous blogs via Acres, USA; The Voice for Eco-Agriculture, I have heard how it will all collapse in on itself and money will be meaningless. Somebody always has a survival package you can buy. My Elder Child, now a human in his adult nature, suggested since I knew so much about collapse I should do a new business with survival packs all set up. What happens with knowing, is a result from actually surviving, mountain top hostile environments while hypothermia fogs the brain, standing in hurricane flood waters with diesel fuel all around, just about everything Mother nature can train with and never having the ill pleasure of having to go to war, bless their soles, even if they did volunteer. All of this was the instant thinking that prelude to my answer, “With the $3.00 in my wallet and a half a tank of gas?” And I thought about those books along the way that promised the collapse now, and then, which never happened, because no one really understands that the economy under the Federal Reserve is the Social Thesis of controlled economy from all those going broke family farmers since 1970.

Now I am in the hind end of a very successful craft mastery, crashed out of business once again by the flights and dives set in motion with the controlled money machines. My longest run was building over 50 houses on Martha’s Vineyard, quietly, unpretentious, seriously attempting to make the world a better place over 17 years. I interrupt this message to share that I am not done yet. Left to my own devices, freedom to pursue happiness, I am sure I can make a significant contribution to the people and neighborhoods around me. Elder Child stepped in behind me in the nearly same path. At b35 I could have written a dissertation on the Federal Reserve and the Morman part in it during the last “Depression.” Son One, doesn’t know much about the Federal Reserve.

Many Americans are afraid of the draconian, unconstitutional laws–lest we forget Amendment 9–that their government proposes tyranny through. Can’t you hear the message? The time of Piscean government is coming to a close and old folks like the Rockafellas and Bushas, Chenees, and Ko-Ko Cocoapuffas, are shaking in their authoritative boots. It’s the generation about 35-40 that’s got them worried. Any person with half an actuary table in their concept of life can tell you Baby Boomers, no how many fancy Winchesters and Military knockoffs they own, are simply not the internal threat–though I would advise, some of them you don’t want to mess with. A metaphoric and humorous  piece of entertainment that fits is the scene in Clint Eastwood’s movie where Granny takes on the Bikers Gang.

I read an alternative news post this morning by Stephen Lendman on reporting on a new prediction by some top stock Guru. Do you think he might be considered an insider? I think the plan by the Fed was to shuffle the deck chairs until enough investors sat back down so they could wash the shuffle board and get ready to entice a new soap and water mix. A funny thing happened on a cruise ship, and Arch Dukes better watch their ass. Remember, mon dauphin, the lesson of Ferdinand and Kennedy is don’t take the wrong road! You could end up starting a whole war. Of course, as Lyndon Johnson knew, before Dallas, his friends were making a fortune off of Vietnam and things had not really heated up. Just before Dallas, Kennedy ordered troops home and planned to downgrade the war.

The Neo-Cons put their desires on paper, and behold, it all came true.

The people have to be milked for extended war. The advertising men gave previous wars mind control phraseology that ran deep, then they appropriated all the way to Ernesto Che Guevara for post modernity college tee shirts, right alongside, Mumia and Leonard. You can always take your responsibility back and learn to live with empathy for your neighbors and guess what, that will solve a host of world problems. America cares not for rights and freedoms, just as long as the gas pump, rent, and grocery store, all controlled by the Federal Reserve through market manipulations of money, make some kind of expected ratio to their television time. When the price changes without income changes, uh oh! Walmart on the card.

Have you ever read that part of the holy book on vanity? There I was, going to beat the game this time, investing my dollars and some credit in building a business in San Francisco. Spin the wheel place your bets. The “table” was rigged. Some people these days are running around looking for signs. Signs of a Blue Star, signs of a pole shift and a planet hiding behind the sun. Searching New Age Old worn out Spirituality formulas in a world gone way past any rational process under the tyranny of gimme. Senility and back stabbing is the politics de jour. Nancy Pelosi looked cute for an elder lady with her smirk and wink about Gingrich ending up President; “I know something.”

The big problem she has now, is any implication or connection to a false flag event someone else can hang on her, and she’ll be in the bunk next to Jim Kirwin at the FEMA camp. She has admitted, “I know something.” What, Nancy Pelosi, are you referring to? Ron, change planes often. Senator Paul Wellstone might have been a good candidate.  The admen will create the dog to wag the tail.

Someone born today will be 20 as I’ll be 85. There is an actuary table for 20 year olds, so not every human baby will make it to 20, and the odds are increasingly higher I won’t make 85. This is such a small amount of time. 20 years is just about how long it takes to build a good business to retire from, unless you sell your soul at the corporate crossroads and bully, burn, and back stab your way to money. “I know something.”

The resource depletionists figure it will all be in stone age rebirthing about ten years from now. That doesn’t give the current 20 year old much hope. Wonder what those who are now being born, find out that the Modernists royally, or I suppose Royally fucked over the planet for paper; for a fist full of dollars and a few dollars more.

At the store where I buy a coffee to support economic circulation, the young woman today expressed enlightened philosophy about the times we are in, way far and above the general dinge of mind controlled consumerists. I left feeling lifted and hopeful. I got home and was reminded by the young men and women who have made their way to my friend’s One-man-community, and all hope for the 20 somethings evaporated and I could understand John McCain’s irrational North Vietnamese conditioned hatred of his own people. We’ve come full circle from Hanoi Jane to Hanoi John, and guess what, in the final analysis, Jane was much more on the side of Freedom and Liberty than John now appears to be. Good thing Jane married a media mogul and kept her royalties flowing.

Royalty is privilege. It means a tidbit for buying the DVD or CD or MP3.  It means a bigger legal fee for writing contracts, and lobbying to shut down counter fitters. It’s probably going to be one of the next War On … when War On Terror wears out. The game is, and step up to the wheel folks, mind controlling you with The Spectacle. Read my blogs, or as Nancy Zeta Talker says, do your homework. Step right up we have varieties of denial to help forget the exhaust pipe is more than CO2 and that’s the least of the Oil Demon. We have magic powder dropping from the sky with the Big Computer Nerd buying toxic agriculture technology in complete disregard that most of the point of family farming is Holiness.

It is Holy to work the Land. The article I linked above talks about small family farms being unprofitable. How about add backs like excellent local food. How about family farmers are invested in their land and can be convinced of methods beneficial to all life–the Holy Covenant.

My associate in San Francisco used to joke about chasing the almighty dollar. Dad pointed out it doesn’t grow on trees, until I planted an orchard and explained the economics of raw materials. Now we will face scarcity, man made and natural limitation. We don’t have to have all the high tech metals if we don’t need all those jets and drones to kill other people, but then, we are now living under a military fantasy–Full Spectrum Domination. Dad said Hitler was out to rule the world, Stalin sure showed he was out to rule the Ukraine, and now there is Chernobyl.

Afghanistan is the Empire Breaker. There’s probably an alien force field there like the Bermuda Triangle and that’s why so many governments there look like 16th Century Caliphates. Maybe it would help us to think of it as a very big “Rome” of the Moslem world. I’m all for the war if it stops the abuse of women and minorities. I’m not going to hold my breathe. Besides, I want my breathe free and easy when somebody turns up Mitt Romney’s other wives, because if he has half the spiritual power Joe Smith had, he’ll have a few more than Newt, and he will be taking care of them!

Wallowing in Collapse will not redeem us. Fat needs burning on bicycles, I might vote for Tyranny just to set the Freedom to be Responsible thing going. I voted for McGovern and what a waste of time that was. There again, Nixon’s buddies were making lots of money off the war.


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Considering Depth

The web of articles resounding in viewpoint upon our spacetime is mind edgy, however not in the least bit unsurvivable. The purpose of this blog is to add to the viewpoints offered by Chris Hedges here. The entry into this monologue salon critique, shall begin from Hedges lines:

We must embrace, and embrace rapidly, a radical new ethic of simplicity and rigorous protection of our ecosystem—especially the climate—or we will all be holding on to life by our fingertips.

I suppose my friends and I have embraced this crash we have been struggling in, at least happy we are not causing environmental damage, but Hedges, the other day when the chemtrails were dissipating down, I ended up with a metallic taste as long as I was outside. Whoa ho, my friend, we are holding with those tender claws. Can you hear our toenails scraping?

We must rebuild radical socialist movements that demand that the resources of the state and the nation provide for the welfare of all citizens and the heavy hand of state power be employed to prohibit the plunder by the corporate power elite. We must view the corporate capitalists who have seized control of our money, our food, our energy, our education, our press, our health care system and our governance as mortal enemies to be vanquished.

We don’t have time for the inculcation. We have to go with the army we’ve got. We don’t need movements to seize, basic military history, Pochteca, the Generals who lock up the resources.

As for the food thing, and capital thing, your poor uneducated fat children screaming for big macs of adulterated mud bath beef; Chris, can I be Frank, no, just Robin; I have a cynicism about latter day saints of the natural food crusade because that society that sucked up good minds into a devil machine of corporate greed now eats GM salmon with their New York Bagel. If it isn’t direct, it’s all through the water system. Pogo was a prophet and we walk facing the desert to live in booths, as I am.

This, while being economically true, is very misleading; “Food prices have risen 61 percent globally ”

Indeed. But we who farmed this summer are broke. The socialists will just come screw it up. Local, I say. The best way I can share my ideas with Africans wanting water is to share my experience of getting water here with a VW, no tire, block, rope, pipe hammer. If they stand around hopeless and helpless, what can another old boss do?

And I say in fiesty resistance to corruption and greedocracy, that I advocate the world’s people unite together in neighborhoods to support “Adequate food, clean water and basic security” [so that they will not be as] “are already beyond the reach of perhaps half the world’s population. ” Now Chris Hedges, I’m ready to go to work here and now to improve, as I am a constructionist designer, inventor, and survivor attempting to carry my load of tent and cookery, tools and trade, with out benefit of enough camels, so believe me, I know when I see some fat guy Prince of somewhere flaunting his ill gotten oil royalty rip offs from Them The People, but wait, there’s more.

Unfixable. Survivable, yes. Chris Hedges, after all your version of this madness we call civilization you did what I have spent a better part of my training doing, hit the nail on the head: “As long as we remain afraid nothing will change.” Chris, you did not seem afraid as you made your case. It is quite elegant, and I’ve been up and down this wall of hanging on by my little pigglies until I get nose bleeds. Somehow I scramble.  I’ve got news for the UN types, even if they drive out in the country looking for booty around here, they’re going to bring a lot more here than we have and Mooncussers are famous.

Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman, two of the major architects for unregulated capitalism, should never have been taken seriously.

Yes, those evil spawn of Chicago Chicago Chicago. Those Ayn Rand especialenatos, who deserve to have butt crack washers. Have you seen the movie Atlas Shrugged #1? Yeah, he did it all alone, adultery and all. How come the wives have to stay home from the party, can’t they go to a different room(s) in the club? Oh, yes, I’m supposed to be serious about the environment. Well, I am, but I did warn you I am somewhat cynical.

Faith in the marketplace replaces for many faith in an omnipresent God. And those who dissent—from Ralph Nader to Noam Chomsky—are banished as heretics.

I love it when the conversation comes around to Akee! God, Allah, Allaha, Alak, Elohim, One, Unity, Source, Creator, Creation.Your two misquoted error is in the word Prophets! Mr. Nader, Mr. Chomsky, patriotic American Prophets.

The aim of the corporate state is not to feed, clothe or house the masses, but to shift all economic, social and political power and wealth into the hands of the tiny corporate elite. It is to create a world where the heads of corporations make $900,000 an hour and four-job families struggle to survive.

Pitchforks! Barricades! Out in the streets with the fine silverware! And I would advise, that in times and times and times again, in cycles grand and small, we respect the art and hate the idea, or, better yet, as we could find in Mordecai Kaplan, quoted in other pages here, that a people have turned away from God, Allah, Allaha, Elohim, Akee. We can read the scriptures of our times, we who cling to our beastly lusts, and also, we can see the correclation, painfully for scientists, of statistically correct correlations to Ages, Astrology like in Pisces, Ares, Taurus, Aquarius. Only to be met with the Great Mystery which looks more and more like it is really a He/She and He is Electric and She is Magnetic, and you and I are a mix of both so Elohim can speak with us.

Kaplan supports us Chris. He would agree that a society “that is defined exclusively by naked self-interest,” is a doomed world ripe for greater acts of evil yet to come. I especially like this next quote:

The tens of millions of impoverished Americans, whose lives and struggles rarely make it onto television, are invisible. So are most of the world’s billions of poor, crowded into fetid slums. We do not see those who die from drinking contaminated water or being unable to afford medical care. We do not see those being foreclosed from their homes. We do not see the children who go to bed hungry. We busy ourselves with the absurd. We invest our emotional life in reality shows that celebrate excess, hedonism and wealth. We are tempted by the opulent life enjoyed by the American oligarchy, 1 percent of whom control more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

Chris, can’t we find someone to make a pack of playing cards with 52 health tips, or 74, or whatever number won’t offend a culture but might harmonize, that in simple language will explain washing hands with sand and water is better than raw manure? Or are we assuming that because people get sick it is accidental and everyone was washing as best they could. Something as simple as a bottle of soap may go lacking in a local environment because of the corporatos sucking up all the oils and fats. World! Throw your shoes in the machine, lets get income equity now. Think income, not expenses. We’ll all loose our grip trying to chase expenses, create, give a truck of palm oil to the people and blame it on Amerikan soldiers, That would be a good Ace of Spades card, don’t you think?

The celebrities and reality television stars whose foibles we know intimately live indolent, self-centered lives in sprawling mansions or exclusive Manhattan apartments. They parade their sculpted and surgically enhanced bodies before us in designer clothes. They devote their lives to self-promotion and personal advancement, consumption, parties and the making of money. They celebrate the cult of the self.

Oh yes they do, but some are artists at heart. Now this day I read about Lady Gaga leaving a tub of red fluid in a hotel room. Half the staff thought it was blood for a sacrifice to ward off the devil (she travels with a psychic bodyguard). The other half thought it was die from some costume thing, but it was not blood, so the bloodies had to give way to red fluids. I think she binged on beets because she found out how great and protective they are and peed in the shower. Yes they do celebrate Narcissium Luciferian glamore in the cut glass antique.

Now in your summation, Chris, you lay out some lines I want to comment on directly.

1. The propagandists for globalism are the natural outgrowth of this image-based and culturally illiterate world.

R1; Chris! This was a culturally richer world, but I assure you, to paraphrase B. Dylan, whatever you think you want you better grab it fast, it is still culturally rich and many of “we” elders stand ready to help this fast food society when they want to listen. I suggest Eric Sloane books. Also, Derrick Jensen points out even your work is propaganda.

2. They speak about economic and political theory in empty clichés.

R2; It’s our fault. Let’s pin them down Let’s make them talk in terms of fiat and agriculturally supported supported local investments. Look to North Dakota. I’m a constructionista, Contractor General–a leadership with a much longer boot camp than the military, and just as personality changing–under the Freemasons of Marthas Vineyard that is… I’m ready! Let’s make local organic farms and barricades to keep out the security forces hired by Monsanto the gollum. Couldn’t they simply make money just as well making engineered seed instead of genetically modified? Does anyone know there are open pollinated engineered Zea Mays species that match or beat funny gene corn if grown on honest organic soil? Well, Chris, since a half a dozen people read this column a week, in different places, so this may never be read by anyone, I’m not going to change many minds tonight about the benefit of actually becoming sacredly involved with our planet and cosmos again, especially now that we are learning one big cosmic spark and we can be  hanging on to a piece of a planet.

God said don’t worry. He said He would be in the Deep Dark. Next time you see a picture of a Black Hole or a Sunspot (Sun-Son Sonspot?), remember the Deep Dark and where is Shekinah? In the Magnet, in the Heart Chakra, we win, they lose, who wouldn’t want to be part of an economy of life?

3. They cater to our subliminal and irrational desires.

R3; Hahahahaha! Whose they White Man? I know about some irrational desires, but they didn’t seem so irrational when I was experiencing them. trouble with Atonement is that it comes.

4. They select a few facts and isolated data and use them to dismiss historical, economic, political and cultural realities.

R4; Lest we forget Divide and Conquer, might as well start a school teaching Machiavelli, but we don’t have time, nor the trees, nor the kindles, nor the Iphoneys, noen of it for everyone so the problem by the elite is don’t try, kill the excess. Certainly those cards I talked about need to convince that if they can’t grow their food they’re gonna die, so they might as well join those working for life and leave the death merchants downtown.

5. They tell us what we want to believe about ourselves.

R5; Oh, maybe they do for you. I’m secure in my personality building. You can read about that in Kaplan’s works, too. When I was finishing my latter day degree plan which included a sandwich of harsh pain and recovery from trades damaged superior work performance akin to pro football–I know this world of competition–I was granted an opportunity to heal and study. The healing part has been very successful, more manage the problem than do anything medical. I haven’t had a Tylenol in 7 years, nor any of them. I believe I’m winning and “they” are hopelessly lost. God whispers in winter chicks born in a wood pile with only momma’s heat.

They assure us that we are exceptional as individuals and as a nation. [ We are! They are not!]

They champion our ignorance as knowledge. [Pass it on. Speak up. The message is your days are numbered, organize the teens to survive anything.]

They tell us that there is no reason to investigate other ways of organizing and governing our society. [Too late. Too many of us have already passed it on. The swell is there, they are running scared. And Elder rennegade Freemason would be my guess, Mr. Paul is addressing the people but who is listening, even if we don’t agree with the whole platform.]

Our way of life is the best. Capitalism has made us great. [ I read today, the Middle Class is dead. Long Live The Middle Class. Greed Vultures tear at the heart of the very beast they had tamed and docile because they have run out of jingle and are SCARED!]

They peddle the self-delusional dream of inevitable human progress. [ What does this mean? I think the statement is dilluted and unenviable.]

They assure us we will be saved by science, technology and rationality and that humanity is moving inexorably forward. [ Oh where oh where can Fukushima be, It took my baby away from me, I gotta be a good slave you see, for I’ve got to go to heaven where my baby be. And folks, that’s not all, if you come to the Gulf of Mexico in the next thirty years, you’ll get a free coating of sun-shield grown from the GM mushrooms we use to make your biodegradable kayaks. Ride my seesaw, forward, spiraling into space time, non-local events, hard objects, unstable gravitational magnetic, forward without any regard for the shit trail of waste and corruption, not to mention socialist revolutionary and capitalistic war blood baths.

Forward worked when the Euros trampled over the American Indians. I guess the impulse is still alive, they couldn’t allow Qaddafi’s Atonement, no no no, no Atonement for the poor, sinners, hard working, punish them all.

Chris Hedges, we are in global catastrophe, not heading toward it. Will you argue with a million dead Iraqis and the soldiers like this?


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Perspective From An Old Alien Species

I completed the reading of “Deep Green Resistance,” a compilation of chapters designated to individual authors, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith, with chapter comments by Derrick Jensen, he being by now perhaps the most in favor of Atonement of the recent clan of eco-activist writers. Before “Deep Green Resistance” was mailed to me by a friend I intend to ask why of, I had seen it in Barnes and Noble and not having the “deep green pocket,” had to realize a few words before closing shooed me out the door.Just think, I never read more than one page of Henry James, yet the sentence structure is almost as long as some of his, such that before I leave it I must add that the book is published by Seven Stories Press, New York, 2011.

I had not heard of either McBay or Keith, and if I have read one of their essays at one of the various and sympathetic sites, I am unaware at this time. I am not going to review their work in general but intend comment as to how I am left feeling about industrial civilization. I have small faith in my fellow humans, do not rely on my ego perspective of God and the Universe, however I have been very clear of my nature as carnum–could be Sonship as depicted in “A Course In Miracles,” that the library fairy brought me to read next. This is my body says the Jesus myth; bread being Mother Earth and known as carnum, carnus, carnivorium, body, flesh, the other thinking mind that I take to be the Holy Spirit–Jung’s Collective and Subconscious factory of the anima-animus. Yes, my authors above, we are killing the planet, but at this point, I see litle faith–oh wait! I said that already. So here we cruise expectantly into the unknowable future of a galaxy far far away.

You do realize the simple aspect of free floating in space in an electromagnetic powered dynamo where no place is even statistically close to where we believe we are; we’re merely a few generations away from the sun rolling around the world. Now we are aware, if you do your research, don’t simply believe me, read the evidence of others, it is strangely comforting at the same time is the ultimate terror, actually knowing where God is and how to listen. Today there are so many gods, the stones piled in Georgia freak the ignorant out and make the five hundred million people seekers wet in the pants. Funny, that this all was foreseen by a guy writing from a mid 19th Century perspective of things, Karl Marx;

And just when they seem engaged in revolutionising themselves and things, in creating something entirely new, precisely in such epochs of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service and borrow from them names, battle slogans and costumes in order to present the new scene of world history in this time-honoured disguise and this borrowed language.

The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living. ( The Marx-Engels Reader, WW Norton 1978 pg. 595 )

I’m not sure at this point, if I put up the blog containing Rabbi Kaplan’s 20th century commentary that we need to help all people achieve their self-driven purpose. I find this as a universal truth to our Holy Spirit, that as Heartmath and the Institute of Noetic Sciences have supported with experimental evidence, we are all magnectically connected to each other through the heart center of our body and we are also connected to the magnetic field of the Earth. At this time there are effects in the magnetosphere we are just learning about, aspects that neither Marx nor Kaplan had a clue about. If I have lost a blog it is because the Vermont secessionistas pulled my blog from their site and dumped two original pieces I had written just for those tree sap sippers. This is not a time to be operating from ego, but from the Holy Spirit.

I was out in the country on the way home today listening to a Moslem Environmentalist who is an American and he said the Quaran says if we pray in nature the world will remember and come to our Atonement in our favor–that the grass will remember we prayed there. Deep Respect For Plants, they are Holy Spirit, not Adam Smith or Karl Marx’s use-value; they didn’t understand respiration back then.

Which brings my thoughts back to Carl Wilken’s economics of raw materials, especially the “basket.” Wilken’s approach establishes value as how much did Mother Earth give us last year at what real cost, plus a reasonable profit; ten percent. This prices corn as monetary value, so if you want to keep it until next year, it already added to the money of the system in a fair and balanced way, it is as if it is pricing the increase of the corn from one kernal to an eight inch ear with a thousand kernals. This system is good for livestock, because once the monetary value is calculated, the rats can eat it, there is no “debt,” outside of reparative action for the humus and mineral content, which should already be in the fair trade price of the food product, which is not a commodity like cement or silver. It is a life affirming economics and guides money through the poor side of things while actually increasing everyone else; the float the boats from the bottom of the tub philosophy completely misunderstood by 99% of the activists seeking economic justice. Why? Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower wanted it that way; a first turn away from the economics that won World War 2.

I’m a harper alright. I’m harping on Wilken, why? As it says in “A Course In Miracles;”

You forsake yourself and God if you forsake any of your brothers. You must learn to see them as they are, and understand they belong to God as you do. (pg. 82, 1976)

With the precarious nature of legal life in America seemingly roiling in a madness of fear, the fear mongers themselves are succumbing to their irrational psyches. It’s a bloggers field day with free for all commentary on the progress from 1844 and Old Karl, to 2011, numerologically entertaining.  The net thumps and grinds with blame shame and guilt, the guilty continue to evade while pot smokers are in-not a car-seration. I pick up “The Other Bible,” for comfort and Psalm 10 prays with me:

I am stricken dumb like a ewe lamb,

my arm is wrenched from its socket,

my foot sinks in filth,

my eyes blur from seeing evil,

my ears are closed from hearing the cry of bloodshed,

my heart is appalled at the thought of evil

when human baseness is revealed.

Then my foundations shudder

and my bones are out of joint.

My entrails heave like a ship in a slamming storm from the East.

My heart is utterly sore,

and in the havoc of transgression

a whirlwind swallows me up.

(pg. 262)

When I consider being ejected in what was based on lagged communication and attitude of some sort, I considered what it meant to think of a Republic of Vermont as a seceded State, and I thought about some people who might also have some input to this:

When spring arrived, the people returned to their village. In the Connecticut River Valley, they fished for salmon and shad, which were abundant at this time of year as they migrated upstream to spawn. The largest salmon weighed as much as thirty-five pounds. The Abenaki men used decoys and blinds to hunt waterfowl.

While the men were fowling and fishing, the women gathered spring plants and did the sugaring. They filled green birch bark kettles or pottery containers with the sap and boiled it, placing hot embers or heated stones directly into the sap. The women boiled it down and formed it into sugar cakes for easy storage. Later in the spring, the women, expert herbalists, gathered young ferns and other plants for food and medicine.

( Link )

If those people could come back to their land they would find the Connecticut River no longer brings a harvest of stinky ocean fish for their corn. Their wonderful diet rich in sea nutrients is gone gone gone, spiced with hot Luciferian dust. And also in that linked site above, demonstrates a commonality of humans to seek the easy life of technology as quote:  “In later periods, copper from as far away as the Great Lakes shows up in Vermont.” ( Ibid ) Taking a Sweat Lodge will not relieve you from the Atonement.

Wouldn’t it be an exciting challenge if we can leave the Earth well enough alone where She needs it (This is my Blood– Grapes and Water), and restore and replenish while we can still truck fish kills inland? Their natural place is White River Junction on down, as American Indian agriculture demonstrated. No, we won’t do that. Why? Lierre Keith tells us why:

The values taught by the mass media encourage the worst in human beings. If people are objects, neither intimacy nor community are possible. If image is all we are, we will always need to be on display. Social invisibility is a kind of death to social creatures. We buy more and more, whether higher-status cars or lower-cut jeans, so that we can have a better shot at being noticed as the object du jour. People surrounded by a culture of mass images experience themselves and the world as depersonalized, distant, and fractured. This is the psychological profile of PTSD. Add to that the sexual objectification and degradation of those images, and you have girls presenting with PTSD symptoms with no history of abuse. (footnote 80) The culture itself has become the perpetrator. (“Deep” page 153, )

Whatever the reason why I was ejected from their bevy of quail, I do suspect a reason why– also I found an interesting aspect as I was told “someone on the board,” thought my blogs didn’t fit after having been screened with all these WordPress blogs acknowledged.  The interesting aspect is the concurrent move to de-person-hood corporations, growing out of Vermont and all across the span of the land in my benefactors circles. Right now the shuffle of the Slow Turtle walks between Shelburne VT and Belchertown MA. And those effects of the magnetosphere I spoke of above and in other places, have empathetically affected me so I must always consider, ” anything that engenders fear is divisive because it obeys the law of division.” (A Course … pg. 83-4)

When Mother moves as much as She is right now, when the core and surface crack and rumble, when magnetism destabilize, and Clive Baxter’s plants communicate, and the Quaran says the grass listens, and Jesus said the mustard plant, not the moneychangers were the key to undertanding The Kingdom, the Carnus, our Carnival of Blood Soaked Ignoratum. We await the electric spark that is sure to come from all the species static. It will come up through your feet and blow out the top of your cranus. Ready, set, BLOW!


Says Derrick.

I must be part Anunaki Space Alien the way most Vermonters “receive” me. Sounds pretty similar to those Abenaki.

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Abused and Confused

Authors Aric McBay, Lierre Keith, and with chapter notes from Derrick Jensen, have written a book of 550 pages complete with a recommendation to pot smokers to “take a bath and get a job.” One would imagine that people willing to tell us we should think about perpetuating violence simply to collapse modern civilization, and who would further chant the mantra of egalitarianism, feminism, and an end to domestic violence could do better than that old worn out Birkenstock of a diss’. Have you ever considered that “longhair” might smell from working?

I am not quite finished with the chapter titled “Decisive Ecological Warfare,” and between being admonished that there is little to nothing we can do to stop the destruction of the planet’s ecosystems, and the advice on how to set up underground networks, their advice assumes the odor of a bunch of fresh leeks. It smells good, and very strongly. What they advocate is in itself ecologically costly.

Another aspect of their writing is the dissing of “Permaculturists” as self focused survivalists. They change the wording to “perennial polycultures,” which my spell check doesn’t like anymore than Permaculture. I just spent a good portion of this summer working with a “Permaculturist” student on a farm in Western MA. She had a burning desire to set up permanent food cultures, much the way the Green Resistors McBay and Keith, say will be a best case scenario for the future of eating. I find some irony that the farmers in Vermont all give off an attitude they know it so why talk to me, while the young people seemingly resist and rebel arbitrarily, they are listening.

The writing in Deep Green also harps on Global Warming. Since we do not know what is really going on in the heliosphere, and now Voyager space probe is giving more evidence for a paradigm shift about the nature of the sun and our universe, scientists are at the point where we will have to wait for the old ones to pass and the new ones to be acknowledged before we can get on with the ramifications of this new support for an electric universe. I’ll be quoting from this book in the future as that will take study and focus, for now I point out that the writing discusses the viewpoints of God expressed in some of my blogs, that, as in the words of Neale Donald Walsch, “You’ve got me all wrong.” We’ve been given the paint set, our artwork needs improvement. Trouble is, we’ve used up most all of the paint set and now dig, explode, crush, bomb, conquer, steal, and burn our way to artistic expression drenched in blood of our ancestors.

We are going to eat this planet right down to the nub. “Deep Green Resistence” boils down to the Georgia Guidestones–which I have been hinted to might not apply to Vermont–especially that part about 500 million Earth population. No worries mates, I’m 64, and loaded up with injuries from a persistent and aggressive work ethic, it’s a shame they threw me away before my time. Now what? Do I become dissatisfied with life and hobble out to do battle? I remember an old guy pictured in Pakistan, carrying his flintlock, walking to Afghanistan to fight with the Taliban against “the coalition. Obviously it was a media ploy. Or was it belief in the rightness of his cause?

Yesterday I took my Permaculture companion to the airport so she could fly off to New Mexico where she will be doing her senior year of her Permaculture focus with study of dry land farming. I did my best to demonstrate soil management by organic methods. I am disheartened by the input stream of farms taking in compost from outside due to the ubiquitous nature of GMO throughout the food chain. Do the horse farms use internal fly suppressant? Is there aspartame in the sugar products?

There’s this guy I call the protest man who shows up at the Brattleboro VT post office and carries around signs with detailed information no one can read the way he does it. I figure there must be some office upstairs he wishes to expose to his message so being the designer I am, I thought, paint it on the top of your car. I assume there is some regulation that he can’t stand still as that might be loitering. I’m not curious enough to ask him what he’s doing, and come to think of it, I know someone who might be able to tell me. Yesterday I noticed a long list of radionuclide elements in bold letters. I also noticed his car was packed full of his folded messages, therefore I dubbed him The Protest Man. One very effective part of the message of “Deep Green Resistance,” is to choose methodology that is effective.

Between the fear of a world in death–and R. Crumb type comics from the 1960-70’s, had a comic called “Slow Death” with an Earth in bandages on the cover–and what we can do about it, the message of what will truly be effective is scrambled in the cognitive dissonance. We are to use resources to collapse civilization so we can use resources to set up our gardens of polyculture perenially. Last night on the way home from the airport, I was driving slowly as I have a fuel filter maintenance situation. As the various vehicles passed me, I attempted to comprehend by first impression who would go along with collapse of civilization and who would not.  I have one word for my speculation, Lemmings. The authors are correct, no one has the fortitude to put the interest of others equal to the interest of themselves. On the worse side of it, I participated in bringing forth children into this world who are deeply hooked by the material society with boats, trucks, motorcycles, gear of all kinds, motors, and a clientele of 1%’ers. My longest and best friend owns a landscaping business. making pretty estates one of which was summer home for Bill and Hillary, so he’s not listening about peak oil. He’s still trying to make a good profit from making lawns while his daughter also attended the same ag’ program of my New Mexico deposited friend, wants to be a sustainable organic farmer.

As one of the original 148 subscribers to the Mother Earth News, and an old “tune in. turn on, and drop out” back to the landers, a Wandervogel of pent up work ethic, uncharacteristic of the times, I smoked my pot shares and took a shower twice a day, so don’t be bitchin’ at me about being dirty because you’ll end up cursing me for using too much hot water, and I am one of the ones who knows how to make solar work.

A band of New England just received a limb shattering snowstorm in October. This paragraph will carry two thoughts. Back in October of 2009, there was a similar storm. The limb shattering demonstrated the fragility of the trees, and the pest worm damage to the forest duff is visible to someone raised in the woods as a child. I used to be able to slip into the woods, fluff up some leaves, and be invisible to people three feet away. Now I cannot hide a lap top. The limbs are weak, undernoursihed, collapse is well underway Ms. McBay and Keith.

Derrick Jensen’s comments and summaries at the end of the chapters gives the book the workings of a text book.  There is also a Platonism to the growing hierarchy of Peakists. What is dismissed, is that there very well may be an answer blowing on the wind, but techno windmills are a poor excuse for a cloths line. As bad as the trees are, and as grand as the Mohawk canoe was, wooden boats with resin glue make the most ecological sense for moving Vermont’s refridgeratibles down to New York through all that ecologically scarred landscape and poisons of industry, because it can be done with a natural horse system as before, only imagine our technological advancement into materials, tensegrity, geodesics, and bullet proof fabricks [doesn’t that look so 17th Century?] and resins, many we may find able to be made from existing and renewable waste streams of chemicals we now freak out about what to do with them. My farm owning friend has a daughter unpopular in the polyproducts production companies because she wants to make benign life affirming polymers. She’s very rebellious.

Deep Green Resistence [DGR], I like the term, a good capacitor to flex the circuit. The focus that we will slip back to “slavery,” is just more reactionary back sliding thinking that would make an underground network’s mistakes like Prius’. Bigger footprint, unneeded suffering, and very self centered–Father Knows Best will be tolerated until the New State can choose the King Father.

The River of Life is the flow between my brain ego, and feet animal. I have fresh red marks on my arm from a Rooster I grabbed who slipped into my coat that prove they use their thumbs. Chickens are one step above reptilian and are definitely dinosaurs. They drop eggs in nests and raise families. On the farm one of the extended family brought by a youthful cockerel and dropped him in the neighborhood of the flock I’m tending. I have one hen who sped her egg dropping into a brood and now walks around with three chicks in contradiction to modern agricultural practices of keeping them warm at 98 degrees. I named the hen Salty for some white throat feathers, she’s a bantam, which means small, and she and other hens laid up the eggs in my wood pile. I had to shift my wood use, but with a few days work coming my way of limning and brushing, I had a surplus with ash, which burns wet or dry. I was surprised at how dry, in relation to the trees vitality, the white pine was, especially in contradiction to all the rain this season. So with the forsythia spurting out some starts, and a hen brooding three hearty chicks, her adopting the much abused cockerel from flock rejection,  I would say an awake person could see the natural metaphor in the world around us to the turmoil we suffer from the Gollum of our own making. Now done with the cord of electricity flowing up down and pulsing within, I bring you to my heart center, where amazing discoveries tell us we are connected to each other, to the earth, and I will speculate, since cosmonauts died for the proof of it, the solar CME’s create human deaths; the sun’s magnetism is changing as 200 species die.

Oh how Holy Science, are you open to changing fast?

DGR, yet again the the cacophony of voices cries out, change we can believe in; can we believe in anything? Then I witness before all, a Power Greater Than Myself can command me to hold a wall from crushing others, so to change the future I am change myself, here and now, and the Last Great Attack of the System against independent people will be small landscapers.  We are still in the grip of Modernity, at the UN, in Congress, in State and Local Governments because we got used to motors.

Future marches worth note, the march of the Corn Syrup People. It tasted so good, my Ben and Jerry’s, and that first cup from the bulk tank put solid yellow jersey bacon on me. Then it wen to mush with Bud and St. Paul’s Girl, finally assaulted with corn syrup I said enough is enough. The Hills of San Francisco must have made an impression in me, did it you? I climbed myself out of 120 pounds of pure polluted pork while creating redwood decks and granite countertops. I saw some blanks for sale outside Brattleboro yesterday. I think this weekend I’ll see if the company needs some help. And then, I will be in the very same place of frustration I was when I was helping a Wall Street broker murder a hill in Honduras for its mahogany. I was looking at a starving child on a logging road in South America on the cable television. I realized the road was a logging road. I realized the child’s father couldn’t provide for his child from the work of sending me the lumber for J. K’s house. I was enraged–slipped as DGR authors say into adolescent mind.  Since the body mind of magnetism does not speak language the way ego mind does, I went to stillness and looked into burning the house to the ground. And as DGR illuminates, that serves no purpose, so I did the next best thing. I did the very best job I could with the wood and the house with the consciousness of the offering of my companion wood worker and thought about how , I too, in my own society was witnessing the slippage of survival. I worked for my children who turned from my Mother Earth News innocense to luxury fishing machines and fast motorcycles. I love them all the same.

That’s the tuff part. Unconditional love flowing through the magnetic universe; electromagnetic universe, we are, as I might have pointed out in my 1984 blog near the very beginning of the Thunder Gate, empathetic to the globe we inhabit like static fleas. And I mean all persons, including dinosaur mother chickens teaching young how to survive in an ice age. And she picked the old remodeled chicken coop I have of and on used as tool dump, boat storage, artistry and now as base camp one.

So there’s my feeling/though of positive/negative, heliosphere witnessing of the life force that always says share, care, and aide, without stint. Even DGR is telling us, it is for the greater good to be a monkey wrench, even unto deep violent behavior, otherwise known as premeditated, and the chemicals, the chemicals, oh the Horror!

How can I modify a lifetime of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, The Marx Brothers and Relation Groucho, you watching Jon Stewart tonight, Vermont? New England? FEMA region one?

Deep Green Resistance has a deep command meaning, we’re surrounded on all sides, attack! 550 pages, and not one reference to Burning Man. I commend them for that–if I’m wrong, I won’t believe it now, get the hint?

Truth is truth. Either we come up with the way toward the Utopian one more time, that we see, hear, feel, and calculate our imperfections, and live by those heart connection concepts. Slave make poor pyramids with shaky bottoms, better to have unions, guilds, associations, craft schools, university and human life, whether we want it in small little bunches we think will be more comfortable or in huge multi-state monstrosities whose cost of doing business will rise exponentially beyond the Fibonacci/compost/growth cycle.

I’m advising a young man on his first skinning job of a road kill fox. I cried and said prayers, I vibrated the heart magnectics of my Ancestors, and bolted energy through my cord in gratitude for all life. The young woman who left here to be a Permaculturist with papers shall not have her dreams smashed at getting things back to life. She was called “The Fox” by her summer experience of searching herself for an animist image of power. I applaud it. My homeland has a language built on images. The World would call me Unemployed, hard to be for a collapsed business owner; not specifically true. And the cognitive dissonance of our collective PTSD, could we number that Kaballistically?

Old Elephant in the Living Room advises caution, ladies and GENTLE men. And if you please anybody else the universe chooses to be here.

On the upside, and you might find this strange, the authors craft is grade a, so the immediate lesson I have learned is that my perception that my life from this point on would not be about personal gain, that was just not going to happen. The company of writers have delivered a tactical manual for the Intellectual Revolution.

I worked in life insurance, I know the value of an actuary table. The Vermont agency I worked for went out of business, the proprietor broker moved to Boston area to be successful, and I stayed in Dummerston to write poems about a dead brown horse on the ice of the West River. I learned fast how closed and stagnant the country was becoming from my days of dropping out to dairy, only to be forced into real estate developer. You can see it all over farm country, the road side lots cut away. North of New Lebanon NY there is a new item known as a “McMansion.” I thought how silly it looked up where it was perched and remembered my mother’s strict commands that true culture is never ostentatious, always inflicted with realities of humility. Her mission took her between  rich and famous and destitute in need of aide.

My final word for this summary of a long book in a long blog, if I operate from my compassion, and recognise the harmony in the Fox lady (she met one every morning on her bicycle), leaving UMass, and the young man who also knows her finding the road kill fox, I learn these days to simply say goodbye to people knowing that the actuary table is weighing in against me. Yet also do I know from long teaching, the Power of Life Force will show me the path, and now it says ORCA! and death fills the oceans like a bad book report.

I give you my peace,

and only my peace,

not the world’s peace,

the peace of I,

the peace of forever and ever,

My peace, only my peace.

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Rich Folks Never Had It So Good — Thank You!

Rich folks never had it so good,

Rich folks never had it so good,

Media scoundrels don’t care,

they don’t care

The Caymens are a short hop by air.

Lt. John Pike has his fingers on the gas.

Lt. John Pike has his fingers on the gas,

If you give him any trouble that finger

‘ll be up your ass.

Lt. John Pike has his finger in your gas.

Old Albert Pike was quite Masonic.

Old Albert Pike was quite Masonic.

He waved his cane at girls and boys

World War Three,

He said the foundation was deployed.

Old Cecil Rhodes wanted free from Africa,

Old Cecil Rhodes wanted free from Africa,

No intellectual payments found in Africa,

minerals abounded,

Cecil Rhodes wanted free from Africa.

{disclaimer! who could agree with all content}

not I,

for electronic arts was my degree,

when the original downsize hit me.

when the original downsize hit me.

John the wild Kennedy knew his duty,

John the wild Kennedy knew his duty,

He never expected his home team

to go Cheney.

John Kennedy signed 11110 for money.

Now the Pols want enemies within,

Now the Pols want enemies within,

so they don’t have to go to Iran

to kill, it will begin.

Demopols, Republupols, killing simple within.

What Sin, What sin, the time we live is sin,

What sin, it begins, Allaha, Allah, Elohim, Aum

Allaha Allah Elohim Aum Jesus Ah Ah Ah Aum

Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mar.

Thank you American Indians, ancestors, Gifted Land Owners, Holy!

Thank you Irish Americans, ancestors, Refugees by force,

Thank you Welch Americans, ancestors, Royals of the wrong clan,

Thank you Alban Americans, ancestors, explorers by boat and land,

jackaroos, hills people, factory slaves,

hungry early graves, ancestors,

blood and tears,

soldiers on horseback slicing with spears.

Thank you Grandfather for your stories and training,

Thank you Father for explaining,

Thank you Mother for your time on Earth,

Thank you Grandmothers for your time on Earth,

Three women teachers, in manners, and love.

Thank you most holy Elohim YHWH holy word,

your vibration in my gratitude,

our hum in this place of desolate Spiritless vampires walking.

Thank you blood for nourishing the soil and raising up the consciousness,

at this time, holy holy holy holy mind.

And the Lord said, “Doing it unto the poor, hey?


Exile them, Danno!

And in night past,

reading a book,

a book, nonetheless, subversive! Sub verses.

I saw Jesus come into the Starbucks,

and throw all the laptops out the window.

I swear it to be so, he looked at me and said,

“Get out of the chair, Prophet! Are you waiting for them to drop the bomb?”

Then he laid a finger on the side of his nose, and since there was no chimney,

a chariot arose, and all about the city,

and all about the town,

they wondered if that UFO was still around.

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Walstreet Wall Street Wall Street

Holy Wall Street Bat God!

The many have gone mad.

They’ve dabbled in electronic money,

gone mad, mad, mad with Lucifer compounding,

forget the ethics, we can create,

greed is good, mad, mad, mad,

electronic money! million bits here, million bits there, up the net, down the net, who needs gold,

when you’ve got electronic money!

Holy Electronic Money! Holy Book of Federal Reserve!

Holy fervent emergent electronic money,

(ship the olive oil later)

(send the troops to lock up the oil, and monetize Iraq,

monetize Iran! Syria just a highway to the desert zone,

Holy Zion! Money! Lucre! Power! God? Hahahahahahahaha, yeah right.

punishment, punishment, punishment,

punish the reluctant slave.

Pyramids crumble from poor foundations.

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Sovereignty Resides With The People — Mordecai M Kaplan

Some time before 1937 Mordecai Kaplan wrote a book titled, The Meaning Of God In Modern Jewish Religion. What he wrote back then has exact correlation to social circumstances of today. There are many pages around this medium decrying an “International Jew,” again, as was also chanted in the 1930’s and forms a base prejudice unjustifiable by religiosity.

There is this guy blogging across the cyber room who calls himself the Dog Poet, and he writes from a perspective of being a human in the know. He says a mighty reckoning is coming, one which will set the Jewish Conspiracy–he says is a New World Order–back in its place, whatever that means. In my opinion he needs to study, not just read, but study history. For as many “slave traders” as David Duke claims were Jewish, there were as many abolitionists and the key to understanding why is in Rabbi Kaplan’s book.  The Dog Poet’s salvation is a down the road expectation common in Christianity, and marks itself as the priests of Amun, the very Egypt the followers of one God, YHWH, Aton, and there is some Ancient Egyptian evidence about Akhenaten. Kaplan writes:

Religion owes a genuine debt to those who have called attention to the danger in our day of drugging the human with the opiate of other-worldliness. The efect of such an opiate at the present time is to keep us from the attainment of salvation on earth. This is equally true whether we think in terms of personal salvation or of social salvation. (pg 55, Kaplan 1937/1962)

He states on the preceding page:

There can  be no personal salvation so long as injustice and strife exist in the social order; there can be no social salvation so long as the greed for gain and the lust for domination are permitted to inhibit the hunger for human fellowship and sympathy in the hearts of men. (pg. 54)

To those who wish to “blame the Jew,” you need as much or more awakening from God as anyone else on this singular planet. We are sliding into a “New Age,” simply because our astrology is marking the passage of the Piscean age into the metaphor of the Aquarian age where all the things Rabbi Kaplan tells us about as a vision of Utopia, blind us from our duty to be creative in the face of evil. And to what we experience today, his writing is absolutely pertinent to each of us and our various societies.

Just recently, a exposure of Michael Moore’s vacation home was used as a blinder for the Occupy Wall Street movement. An inference was made that because he has made of himself a wealthy man, that he is compromised in his ability to join the “revolution.”

Here’s what Rabbi Kaplan has to tell us:

Class-consciousness always assumes that the status quo is satisfactory to the possessing classes and unsatisfactory only to the dispossessed. This is far from being universally true. People lose their appetite for food when hungry faces watch them at their meals. A class that finds its life dependent on the exploitation of others is frequently haunted by a sense of insecurity, as though they lived on the side of a volcano that is in danger of eruption. Particularly the more far-seeing and imaginative often look forward to a change in the social order which would leave them with less prestige but with more security, freedom and social communion. The history of revolutions would show that they are usually projected by individuals of the upper classes rather than by those who are to benefit most by the revolution, since the latter commonly have faith in the promised emancipation, “by reason of impatience of spirit and hard labor.” Moses who liberated the Hebrews from Pharaoh’s yoke was himself reared in the house of Pharaoh. (pg. 127)

It’s not about Jews, nor Catholics, nor Fundamentalists of any stripe. What is today boiling in the human pot, fueled by Fukufunny money, danced after in lust of False God Human as God Blankfein’s doing “God’s Work,” the theme of the times is the loss of personal salvation through the misinterpretation of the godhead.

The conditions of our own day cry for such reconstruction. Our economic order has been well-summed up as one in which “they who reap harvests have to stand in the bread line; they who build houses have no roof over their heads; they who sew expensive clothes have to go about in rags.” The progressive concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, the increasing proletarianization and impoverishment of the middle classes, the increasing helplessness of the workers, these are actualities which are rendering the world unlivable. That millions of persons should be subject to the fear of the morrow and the consequent disintegration of personality at a time when plants for the abundant production of necessary goods and commodities are lying idle is criminally stupid. This need not be. In such a situation the vision of the justice and tranquillity which could prevail, if men only knew how to live, should give us no rest. (pg. 124 Ibid)

I know, Mr. Dog Poet, and David Duke, that you both believe there are good Jews and evil Jews. To which I will affirm, there are good musicians and evil musicians, and plenty who need more practice. There are good Catholics and evil Catholics; YHWH, Elohim be Holy, knows evil exists and asks you to rise with your creative powers and walk forth to create good. Rabbi Kaplan admonishes us of the same concept throughout his work, and he also shares with us that this is for all humanity–there is no goyem, unclean, unworthy, no, there is only human being working to make themselves as their creator has formed, each of us a unique individual, each of us part of the 100%, and we’re screwing things up faster than ever, faster than the times Rabbi Kaplan writes about. The Federal Reserve Bank existed in the 30’s and exists now, as an institution it is benign until it is taken by evil men.

I believe Bernie Madoff sought his salvation by admitting his crime, possibly martyring himself against the god of greed, and perhaps expecting his act to unzip the house of cards which is the illegal, unethical, unscrupulous activities of those people Rabbi Kaplan would have us apply our creative force through our conscious contact with YHWH, Elohim be Holy, and so, here we are, debating whether or not we are addicted to power over others in deference to our power within and in harmony Elohim.

Mr, Dead Man Musing, keep studing the WORD! You too, Henry.

Let’s stop the blame game and find the perps.


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