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New Myth

In preparation for this  latest in my mythological studies, I have reviewed our current Zeitgeist. I believe the word applies as times creep ever so backward toward the Nazi ideal of the perfect corporate state run by international bankers and … Continue reading

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Answer To An Arab Woman

This writing is inspired by 40 something Arabian woman published here . Dear Ms. Eloquent in Condemnation, Let us back up a bit to get perspective on what might make you vomit perfidty. Let us emerge in the swamps of Virginia, … Continue reading

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Burning Koran District 2 X 2 X 2 or 3 X 3 X 3 = a Cube

Jesus is but a name. Many a Hispanic has been so blessed. There will be those in Florida ready to Burn Koran who will be under the hypnotism of anti-Christ, another name.  What I know of the name Jesus as … Continue reading

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Unlimited Resources and the Dance of Positive Creativity

I’ve been mulling over this writing effort for almost two weeks. What prompts me to consider engaging the few who read my words, you as it is, relates to the items of general discussion I have wrought into electrons and … Continue reading

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A Couple of Comments for Richard C. Cook

  Mr. Richard C. Cook wrote: In the area of spiritual/intellectual/cultural life, we see the increasing standardization of government-run school systems and the suppression of all non-collectivist ideas. We see domination of higher education by corporate-sponsored foundations and think tanks, … Continue reading

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Thunder of Prayer

We live in a Thunder of Prayer. Prayer doesn’t always take the form of a ritual before an altar or on a prayer rug facing Mecca. The hole in Mother Earth is commanding prayer and has made a Thunder of … Continue reading

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Impulse to Imagery

What depths do my images take me to? I have had fun researching all the crazy doomers, now here it is lurking in the deep. Today on Rense there are headlines about the “Oil Monster” languishing below the surface of the … Continue reading

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