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New Myth

In preparation for thisĀ  latest in my mythological studies, I have reviewed our current Zeitgeist. I believe the word applies as times creep ever so backward toward the Nazi ideal of the perfect corporate state run by international bankers and … Continue reading

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Answer To An Arab Woman

This writing is inspired by 40 something Arabian woman published hereĀ . Dear Ms. Eloquent in Condemnation, Let us back up a bit to get perspective on what might make you vomit perfidty. Let us emerge in the swamps of Virginia, … Continue reading

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Thunder of Prayer

We live in a Thunder of Prayer. Prayer doesn’t always take the form of a ritual before an altar or on a prayer rug facing Mecca. The hole in Mother Earth is commanding prayer and has made a Thunder of … Continue reading

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Or Else!

It’s been a good life. I was remembering this morning. One time I sat on Fred Henderson’s deck in Rowaton (Norwalk) CT, drinking Goldwasser with he and my father. His house was built right to the high water mark. Back … Continue reading

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