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Mytholologic of a “Pregnant Philosophy”

Rationality and reality are slippery subjects in these times; a person can have a hard time attempting to find truth through the various intentional and unintentional realities weaving from everywhere near Sirius to the core of the Sun. There is … Continue reading

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Know Them By Their Fruits

“At my foundation, the Open Society Institute, we have made it our business to protect the public interest against encroachments of private interests. (Soros, Central European University Lecture Four: Capitalism Versus Open Society, page 93 NY 2010) Coming back to … Continue reading

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O, O, Oh, Ho, O,

I’ve been laden, by a thorny bush o bound me, like a crown of thorns, colored popcorns, the show is all and all is show, do they die yes and no, it depends where the Spirit goes. One religion binds … Continue reading

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