Community of Collective

A community is a group of individuals who share a common path for survival, often supported by a common myth. There is a connection in the words both containing comm’. At the turn of the last century, the work of “higher initiates” began to change the mythological basis of our global existence. The most dramatic single incident of “spectacle” that occurred was the first nuclear bomb test in the Western United States. That explosion marked the ultimate progression of industrialism, the curve of industrialism began to fall off as a result of the changing nature of the technosphere.

The technosphere created a whole list of possibilities in the industrial sublimation of the planetary life. The United States and Europe fast became computer giants at manipulation of the financial aspects of industrialism where once was needed “economic hit men.” For this American population I live within, institutionalized denial is the mode of thinking.

“Moving Toward A New Society,” written by Susanne Gowan, George Lakey, William Moyer, and Richard Taylor, points to the process which today yields the investment grade sequester mentality.

Not only have American firms drained poor nations of surplus capital throuout the “decade of development”, but between 1950 and 1965, U.S. corporations appropriated profits ($25.4 billion) from the poor nations amounting to almost three times the inflow of U.S. investment dollars ($9.0 billion). [footnote 12] Moreover, the Western rich nations have similarly decapitalized the now underdeveloped nations for centuries. [footnote13]  One notorious example is the report from the Chilian government that the expropriated earnings from that poor country by four U.S. corporations over a 60-year period exceeded the entire gross national product of Chili during that time. [footnote 14] –pgs 66-67

Their material continues with other ways the U.S. corporations and the banks in particular are stripping resources for the accumulation of capital to extract more Third World resources. The authors tell us “the developed capitalist nations have gained extensive ownership and control over the political economics of the poor nations (while simultaneously decapitalizing them).” These authors support my work over the years “that the world is approaching the end of a relatively brief era which had unlimited industrial production.” Limiting locals reduces profits, but the elite minds of the corporadistas are so full of themselves, they only believe in their own creativity and right to profit.

In the past we have been able to give those with less a little more to pacify them so that they didn’t see that those with more were increasing their share also. With the dawning of a new era in which the American pie stagnates and shrinks, people will demand action on their problems because the future can only be worse for them and their children. pg. 107

We have crossed the point known as Blowback. The Third World is opening up with computers, necessary for a completion of the New World Order as opposed to a New Society. New Society as the authors discuss in this important little book published by New Society Press, involves a community focused consciousness wherein people are more important than profits. There is undercurrents of Marxism and Democracy based on compassion for people and families, all of which we can see as under attack right now by the very same corporate collectivists.

A collectivist believes in collecting your metabolic energy for the greater glory and substance of the elite egotist maniacs. This is a sucking, just like “owning ” humans is a slave sucking operation. The carbon of a being is converted to dollars for the computer illusions of wealth we kowtow to. Don’t believe it? How about those Bulls and Bears of Wall Street. You believe in an “almighty” dollar, and you’re worshiping the Scared Cow and Bear. Crawl up, slowly so you won’t get a nose bleed, but your denial has trapped you in an ancient system the Founding Fathers and Mothers of America foresaw and warned against. Then the main guy behind the corporate accumulation — D. D. Eisenhower — warned you about the “unholy” alliance. Yet you slept on while I cried in the streets.

(3) The primary cause of poverty is the political-economic system, not the lack of individual  effort of the poor. … We have shown that the structure of the American economy requires high unemployment and under-employment of the poor (there are 50 million Americans living in families or alone who have  who have income levels designated as poor or near-poor, and another 50 million are not much better off.

Quick extrapolation: over 100 million firearms have been sold to Americans since 2000. Poor people rarely afford a firearm, so somebody up the chain is expecting a problem, especially co-factoring the .40 caliber hollow point purchases by the government in the trillions of rounds.

It is a popular belief that many of the poor are lazy and don’t want to work, but the studies by government and university researchers show that poor Americans, including those on welfare, adhere strongly to the American work ethic. pg 117

These authors provide their best guess scenario to us based on their limited view of the future from the perspective of where the authors were then. We have the luxury to know how true their predictions were because we are now living in the time. They projected that:

By the last decade of the century, not only do these problems grow worse, but they are overshadowed by others. Atomic radiation threatens all life. Accidents at atomic energy plants make several large sections of the United States uninhabitable. Thousands of tons of wastes from atomic energy plants are lost in underwater streams and threaten life with cancer. Skin cancer is the most common ailment because of the virtual elimination of the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Much of modern industrialization is slowed to a deep depression pace because the reserves of world oil have peaked and are on the decrease while prices hold at maximum levels. The same holds true for many key nonrenewable resources required by the industrialized world. … Several suitcase bombs have been exploded … unknown plaque attacking the high-yield wheat seeds … serious food shortage to panic levels …  pg. 219

Seen any of those in the news lately?  How about we look at a microcosm of the affective corporations:

Calling anyone who protests against the violation of their human and constitutional rights a terrorist can end up becoming a self-fulfilling accusation. When every avenue of nonviolent dissent is closed down, should we really be surprised that the forests are filling up with extremists, insurgents, and militants? … It is utterly urgent for resistance movements and those of us who support then to reclaim the space for civil disobedience. To do this we will have to liberate ourselves from being manipulated, perverted, and headed off in the wrong direction by the desire to feed the media’s endless appetite for theater. Because that saps energy and imagination. pgs 12-13  Arundhati Roy, “An Ordinary Person’s Guide To Empire”

What’s the bottom line here. We have been lied to. We have been made to believe in Judge Julius Hoffman as opposed to Abbie Hoffman, Abbie told Julius Hoffman, “”you are a ‘shande fur de Goyim’ You would have served Hitler better.” (link)  Abbie Hoffman was reminding Judge Hoffman that he also had a higher calling than the one to which he was then serving; the corporate machine we lament this day.

The real issue is that the privatization of essential infrastructure is essentially undemocratic. The real issue is the towering mass of incriminating evidence against big dams. The real issue is the fact that over the last fifty years in India alone big dams have displaced more than thirty-three million people. The real issue is the fact that big dams are obsolete. They’re ecologically destructive, economically unviable, and politically undemocratic. The real issue is the fact that the Supreme Court of India ordered the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam to proceed even though it is aware that it violates the fundamental rights to life and livelihood of the citizens of India. … It is important to remember that our freedoms, such as they are, were never given to us by any government, they have been wrested by us. If we do not use them, if we do not test them from time to time, they atrophy. If we do not guard them constantly, they will be taken away from us. If we do not demand more and more, we will be left with less and less. ( pgs. 13-14 &17 Ibid Roy)

Fat asses America! Where is your lust for freedom and liberty? Can you only revert to taking away what another has brought through the gift of life on this cosmic dust speck? The elite are the chicken shit of the Evil One. Get rid of that corn syrup jiggle and be fit.

Many internet writers profess to call Americans Sheeple.  Not quite the truth as most Americans are wagon pulling draft horses conveniently sided with blinders. Blinders are put on a horse’s bridal to make sure the horse focuses where the driver wants it to go. Denial is blinders. Bridal is the leather driving gear, marrying a horse to the will of the driver. Collectivism means bridling the horse and collecting its metabolic energy for the task of motion. You can continue to live in a society that collects your energy more and more only if you give up entirely on the outcome, because the Third World has lost their blinders, and since they have been forced to live closer to primitive at America’s domination behest, they are a whole level more brutal than the worst of the worst in America.

You want a New Society of Community? Get in there, pitch in. Some of us have been working hard, others very steady, some of our efforts have removed bridals, the horses now run free and fly like Pegasus. I found a very useful tool was letting go of your dismissals and put downs, your ignorant rantings about economic constructs, farming irresponsibly, and resource misuse. Eat your GMO Pablum with corn syrup honey and stop your wining.

If you don’t see the results of your personal involvement, maybe you still have the blinders on.

Meditate on it.

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Broken Records

     I have been searching the alternative news sites more intensely of late. Rense, Huffington, Pakalert Press, Alex Jones, and as many as I can, even some being Les Visible. There seems to be a lot of repetition.

9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11, I looked up at my clock when I made the decision to come to a computer to write this, it was 3:11.

In 1922 Alexander Chizhevsky, a young Belarusian scientist, unveiled to the world a preposterous theory; that all the great upheavals in the history of man, such as social unrest, war, and revolution, were caused by the activity of the sun. These extraordinary claims, contained in his first book, Physical Factors of Historical Process, were greeted with near universal derision, and for a time, the brooding, pallid twenty-five-year-old, a descendant of a court tenor and a member of heredity nobility who was already tainted by his aristocratic lineage in the eyes of his countrymen, became the laughingstock of the newly ensconced Bolshevik Party, which disparagingly nicknamed him “the Sun Worshipper.” After all, he was essentially suggesting that all the tumultuous events leading to Russia’s liberation from corrupt tsarist rule had nothing to do with ideology or the motivation of the country’s workers and everything to do with sunspots. (McTaggart, 2011, pg.37)

Can you imagine how far I would get suggesting that cosmic events are shaping things even as ugly as Sandy Hook? Headlines; school shootings caused by sunspots, scientists agree.


Can you imagine Charlie’s rants about the end of all time when the dollar crashes any second now are being driven by sunspots and the solar magnetic control of Earth?

Where’s Paul Drockton these days, with a Latter Day Saintly Vision being driven by sunspots.

Several years ago Halberg and Cornelissen collaberated with a number of neuroscientists to determine whether autism might be influenced by geomagnetic factors. Up until that time no seasonal variations in autism had been detected; no more children develop autism in winter, say, than in spring. When Halberg and his colleagues compared the incidence of autism with solar activity, however, they found a distinctive signature between geomagnetic cycles of 1.9 years in length and failure of children to bond with their mother. Solar influences were so strong that they affected maternal love. (Ibid, pg 43)

When we ask ourselves, why is this happening, could we accept that something chaotic with the heliomagnetosphere is at the cause of our larger problems on Earth? When we chant around the park about being stardust and golden (the Solar Hermetic correspondence color), are we open to the idea that existence, or YHVH-Elohim, might contain factors our child like human nature fail to consider? Somewhere there, is that internet meme; sheeple.

YHVH is not a deity. We have often said that, according to Qabala. the real mystery which it is totally impossible to understand is, simply, existence. Any deistic notion serves to remove from the mind, by means of fallacious explanations, the disturbing realization of that all-invading immediacy. …

     The natural supports of these devices are omnipotent deities, because in fairy tales magic wands are their own explanations: magic is magic and God is almighty, and for many that is enough. …
    When YHVH ceases to be anthropomorphized,
Sarah and Yitzhhaq, and for that matter Abramham, must solely be a set of schemata, or formulas, expressing different states of energy.They must abandon the human shapes that the psyches have kept alive, as complexes, through many centuries, with the obstinate–and unconscious–purpose of not wishing to understand them.( Suares 1970, pg 162)

We purposefully ignore our responsibility toward the future because we are locked into a prison of miscalculated beliefs. On top of our discomfort that the solutions we need to our problems require us to work, actually work, mostly like the Maoist Cultural Revolution, we have buried ourselves behind a Faraday Cage of wires that numbs our feelings and helps GMO agriculture to eat holes through our cosmic self defense; and the biggest screaming match is over the right to use deadly force? YHWH-Kali Ma.

That’s a new age Oy Vey! Straight from my Weston CT days. Did we NOT shoot up schools because our mothers and fathers beat the crap out of us when we infracted the rules? Everyone I knew could describe the process of field dressing an animal–non-gender specific. And now, to think my personal indiscretions, the Vietnam War, the seemingly crazy shooting the Kennedy’s, all that might have been made more likely a vibration by sunspots or the lack thereof? Okay, I’ll stay open. In my Weston/Westport schools, we were much more likely to be killed or injured driving or riding in cars than the firearms that hung on the walls around town. I can buy the concept that masculinity has been served a severe blow when young men feel the only power they have is the handle end of a gun.

Dad was one of those WWII heroes. Chest full of metals from flying a plane over the Pacific. He took me out early to introduce me to his blood lust; killing woodchucks for New York and Vermont farmers. He instructed me until my first kill, the blood duly wiped on my cheeks. Dad’s woodchuck gun was one of those high powered .22’s like the .223. It hung on the wall in a room with a sliding glass door and large fixed glass window. These days, a baseball bat and an untrained brat and bye bye guns. They need to be chained down when your “out of town.”

   In a healthy society, neighborhood and community government will be revived and as much resources and power will be transferred to the local level as possible. This will provide the basis for local community ownership and control of many productive resources, and people will be engaged much more in face-to-face decision-making, rather than dealing with anonymous bureaucracies. (Gowan, Lakey, Moyer, Taylor,  1975, pg 176)

We know we do not have a healthy society, in fact it is quite sick. It’s running a fever, just check the wasted gas burn off in North Dakota. A handful think they can rule us better than we can rule ourselves, because they don’t want us to know, before it’s too late, that they used everything up making us trinkets and  bi-annual fashion. They want us to believe we cannot govern ourselves as alluded to in the above quote.

While the United States is the top producer, consumer, and polluter in the world, at the same time many people’s needs are not being met. Slums increase, housing is pitiful for many, crime stalks the streets, and even such basic needs as health care are not met.

     The main way of solving these problems, according to the U. S. ideology and economic system, is through more development. Economic growth, rather than being  able to solve the problems, though, is the major cause of the problems. More economic growth within the private enterprise system (controlled by big corporations and big government0 will fail to solve our problems in the future just as it has failed in the past. ( Ibid, 1974, pg. 158)

Maybe the young people know there is little chance of a future of promised abundance. Maybe the shootings are a force of life, driven by cosmic complications and flawed human expectations. Maybe who the shooters really want to shoot is unavailable so they strike out at the next most convenient target. Maybe it’s gangland or drug related events, or maybe clandestine false flags, I mean think about it, anyone who could kill children with a drone, could pull the trigger on innocence itself. There’s just not way we could defend against that other than armed guard with integrity, on duty.

John O’Neil took his post at the World Trade Towers in New York, his first day, 9-11-2001. And he, warned the government about the plots.

Will you do the work for the future, or are you comfortable in your Faraday cage?


The Cypher of Genesis: Carlo Suares, Weiser, Boston 2005 (1970)

Moving Toward a New Society: Susanne Gowan, George Lakey, William Moyer, Richard Taylor;  New Society Press, Philadelphia, 1975,

The Bond; Lynne McTaggart Free Press, NYC, 2011

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Upon Learning of the Demise of the World

I don’t think this stuff up, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper:



A new study by 22 biologists and ecologists has found that environmental changes on our planet are reaching a point of no return that leads to mass extinctions and harms human welfare. The situation, said one scientist, “scares the hell out of me.” That would be James H. Brown, one of the authors of alarming paper published by Nature, talking to New York Times Green blogger Justin Gillis. Brown is not one of your everyday cranks predicting raptures and the end of days. He is a macroecologist at the University of New Mexico. And as The Atlantic‘s James Fallows, who pointed out this terrifying study to us, writes, this could be the most important news of 2012. How soon do these scientists expect the world as we know it to end? Gillis writes, “within a few human generations, if not sooner.” The most frightening thing is that this finding isn’t about what will come if we do not act, but that our effects on the planet’s environment — global warming, population growth, and overall resource extraction — means that we’ve already passed a ”tipping point.” This isn’t a plea for change. These are things scientists have been warning us about for decades.


 My streaming thoughts:

Many people know, I have been warning for years, too. I gave up for a while to focus on raising two more doubters. As scientists have warned: so have farmers, especially family farmers; builders with solar experiments; electrical engineers; computer hacks; financiers; spiritual program authors and guides; gurus; American Indians– I would now add that we are quite an ignoring-ignorant-ignoramii. We have ways to live clean and sustainably, have had for all my generation, but the Great Left of the revolutionary Sixties died with Jerry Rubin huckstering junk bonds.  For a while there, they thought they could run an electronic computer money game for unlimited wealth, ever forgetting the Goddess Mother-Father Elohim Aum Aumakua is the wealth , just the wealth, and only the wealth. No matter how many times the experiment has been tried, One World is not possible. The world needs swamps for the crooks and pristine lakes for the righteous. To sin with OIL and pour upon Lake George and Tahoe is the arrogance that will now fester life. Spice it with some GMO, genetically modified organisms, lots of estrogenic plasticizers and limp dicks need viagra. Don’t mention vagina in Michigan, unclean, unclean! Hot Salsa! Now the White Light Snake has been loosed. From the trailing atmosphere we back into Fukushima back draft every forty days; and its name shall be wormwood; Chernobyl in Russian.

Remember the Ignoramii! How did I let my government end up dusting the planet with low levels of “depleted” uranium (kind of like shitting in a pot, settle out the muck, and put it in bullets, shit is shit).

Breathe deep! That’s the Huna way. You make extra mana — life force energy — and send your thought picture up to the Higher Selves Mother-Father Aumakua with that energy charge. Get a good wiff! That’s benzene and diesel particulate from the snake of Iron that courses flowing this way and that at mad pace to win the human race and kill the Mother-Father Goddess Elohim Aum First Mother’s Turtle upon which we live.

Occultists live. They have taken the ceremonies and opened the vials of a Myth called Apocalypse because they knew you were in fear. And you knew me not, nor followed my word when I said read F. Aster Barnwell, because the story is astrologically framed about as perfectly as the media’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming which strips you of reason. They said last election, “Obama’s using NLP!” As many of us went “oh, duuuh, now musicians and masseuses can understand as well as the visualizers.” Change may not appear as of yet, study German history of my father’s generation and you will know our coming challenge, if you’re up for it, I mean, I wouldn’t want you to have to strain a muscle for the really new world order collapse is using to yank the freaking rug right out from beneath those who would call the black snake, the red snake, and the white light snake, into play for their “profit” in electrons on a witnessed hard drive — that’s money folks — if you look real hard you can see the hood of the other snake rising.

The Yellow Snake rising will be of bile from eating corruption and vile, lest Lady Macbeth find you a cure with her witches the pot has been stirred as yonder rises the snake of bile to mix with the gulf oil, meathean pollution, rust bucket burning, a dance of NewMyth to carve on rocks because if Planet X don’t tip our pole, our own energy grids could, given their randomness and hubris, attached to the snakes all at the base;

build stone structures 100% solar heated unless you have a guaranteed seat to a Kolrob near you, Mars might work but the journey through the radiation fries all human sized life. DNA might survive, but remember, even in reincarnation you don’t know if you ever really had a soul or not, it’s the faith game — what all Mother-Father Elohim Aum Aumakua ask of us; you could read the Popul Vul.

Herein the ramble of an old tired activist, picking patio table sawdust out of my eyes. A great and wonderous past time is watching and learning the chickens zoology. I could write a Ph.D. Doctor of Chicken Sociology, Permaculture (c), Omniculture (c) (as the Woody Woodpecker laughs up the hill). Maybe I connect. Maybe I am like them, the Feathered Serpent. They have scales on their hoary feet. Their beak is a biting machine with sensitive tongue. Feathers-scales, lay eggs, love dirt. KulKulkan! The white sailor from across the sea would bring what on his boat? Cockledoodledo, for meat and eggs and deep hull sanitation.

Bug out bag–hand crates for fowl.

Steam winding down on the inside.

The world is a place of do do do.

Don’t get so deep in the do do do that you don’t have time to direct saving grace in the struggle to lower the event horizon, who knows, the Brother-Sister Iroquois (sonds French to me!) say “Give peace a chance.”

Somebody you can see on a video told you that once–the most powerful warrior is the creative prophetic peace warrior.

Acceptance and resistance go hand in hand and contact to contact in Tesla free power. It’s all about what you’ve got right now because entropy has us all. You can always read Wi ki pedia  ”’

I am a selective information warrior, not always including because there are some who can digest and some that can’t — beware of Monkey Brain — this one flies to many.

I may blog it up, too.

]{Phew! What a stream!}]

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So it happens t…

So it happens that nations go to war

to defend their particular beliefs

and to crush those

               who believe otherwise.

“Meditations With Nicholas of Cusa” , James Frances Yockney, Bear Books, Santa Fe, 1987


What can I say? The bulk of humanity is content to rush ahead to certain destruction of the planet simply to make a buck. I found an old book from the 1970’s a few weeks back, and the predictions included all the stuff I have been tracking that is not carbon dioxide, a necessary and important gas for our living. I asked myself at a point in the 1980’s, why are the Powers of Assumption, the religeo-political class, attempting to keep us focused on being the enemy of our nest and believing that a necessary gas for life is our main weapon? The painful reality is that decisions are being made for economic gain by a few who think they are above the rest of us. Authors Gowan, Lakey, Moyer, and Taylor, in “moving toward a new society” 1976, New Society Press; offer an explanation that we must de-industrialize America in the world benefit. They build upon truths and comment about how America does things.

The American culture of maximum production and consumption is also an ecological anachronism. Perhaps the most widely-used measure of success in our society is the annual growth in the real Gross National Product. However, GNP is not a measure of either happiness or even the economic welfare of the nation. The GNP includes military spending, advertising, excessive packaging, built-in obsolescence, unnecessary model changes, and excessive baubles of affluence such as electric carving knives. On the other hand, it does not subtract the negatives of resource depletion, environmental deterioration and damage to human health which increase with economic growth. (pg.51)


Imagine the old electric knives. Now take out your Iphone, need I say more? Look at those phones. People are dieing in Africa over the scarce resources it takes to make them. People are living desperate lives in city slums so Eurocolonialists can enjoy the maya of a good life. The height of ignorance — ignore — not an intelligence factor,  but an ignore-ance factor, is the use of those gadgets with the suppressed research the microwaves are frying your brain. Imagine that we were warned back in 1976!

The need for a maximum GNP is also related to our private enterprise economy: maximum profits are related to maximum production and consumption. Using the example of automobiles, larger cars are more environmentally destructive: they use more materials and energy in production, use more gas and oil when operated, and pollute more in both their use and disposal. However, the automobile industry has foisted large cars onto the American public because, according to Henry Ford, “minicars make miniprofits.” [see book for citation]


What has changed? BH Obama, President, is now campaigning that his government saved General Motors. So, save General Motors and make you cough up the phlegm of oil pollution; it’s all your fault BP coated the world in oil like the old paint can label. Any activism I professed in the 70’s and 80’s was steam rolled over by people who call me negative and tell me to just be positive, while they greedily gobbled the feed trough of all possibilities GMO and such, like eat your Fukushima wheaters kiddies. I am still struggling to get a little heads up attention in a sea of lemmings rushing toward self and global destruction. Forget the idea of living simply so that others can simply live, that’s too communist! For my personal point of view, Marx was an asshole of industrialism with as much or more destruction in the schema as capitalist.

  Another limitation of the private enterprise system is that it cannot meet the needs of the world’s poor, and, in fact, increases the gap between the rich and poor. Food and other limited resources in the capitalist world, for example, go mostly to the “haves” who can afford to purchase them, while the poor majority have no economic “demand” in the market place and, therefore, do not get their needs met. While over a billion people are hungry, therefore, much of the world’s richest agricultural land is withdrawn from production through government subsidies, cash crops are grown in the hungry nations for the over-fed, and the hungry nations are net exporters of protein. In the capitalist world, the problem is not so much how to increase production capability as it is how to increase the purchasing power of the poor and hungry. This is what the capitalist system cannot do. This is also what the green revolution or increased technology can’t do. In fact, they do the opposite. Ibid, Pg. 52


On Facebook yesterday, I read a political claim of saving General Motors. What do you think? Are any of the socio-political realities we witness in our daily lives directly related to these warnings of the 1970’s? Al Gore, you’re way too late and your message is deeply flawed by reliance on miniscule technological analysis. Bill McGibben, standing on the foundation of ruined covered bridges chanting the carbon thing is uselss smoke screening asking me to discover who funds your “” Why don’t you close up your college as a huge waste. Wasting fuel, teaching children a flawed science, with loans they can never repay on their downward journey into the abyss?

How about that Yankee Vernon thing? You know, the old used up leaking and fragile nuclear power plant sitting over the waters of New England’s major river, the Connecticut.

American utility companies are making choices on the basis of their maximum profit as their overriding concern, and their choice of fission energy as the major method of meeting America’s future electricity needs doesn’t make sense from a safety viewpoint,but it does from a maximum profits viewpoint. (*see book for citation) pg. 51


You and I, our health, our children’s health, the health of the planet and all sentient beings, is nothing if not more profit for the system of converting God’s Gift to man’s pleasures. In “Meditations On The Apocalypse” F. Aster Barnwell demonstrates how John used the psychology of the times, astrology, to decode the true meanings of the Book of Revelations. How old is this impulse of humanity? Where did we begin to go “wrong?” Barnwell uses the wheel of the Zodiac and its observed psychological insights as a whole unit of personality within, not the newspaper funnies of what your life shall be like today.

The spontaneous release of energy at the Taurus pole is experienced by an individual as the need to acquire command and dominion over the environment, both physical and social. However, this impulse to dominate may result in the individual projecting importance on to material things and then trying to possess them. The inevitable consequence is that instead of adding to the stature of the Self, the Self becomes debilitated, since possessing and being possessed are in effect the same psychological reality.


When we place significance in possessing things, we are, in effect, vesting powers outside of ourselves with authority over our own inner state of contentment. It is only when this characteristic Taurus proclivity for dominance is balanced with the understanding that we are subjecting ourselves to that which we subject, that the expression of Taurus energy can lead to true Self expansion. pg 58 1992


We have entered a critical phase in the neo-economy. The best action any of us can take relates to Derrick Jensen’s “Endgame,” stop right now, whatever we think we are doing, all the evidence points to a Taurusian overshoot. This is not about simple star chart predictions but much more, a whole psychological system encoded for initiates in the Judeo-Christian — the whole world religions, actually — and if we are awake to it, we can see all around us the natural consequences of it. Take for instance, the latest in conflict of interests, George Soros, a big fan of Obama for President, has a company in Spain where the Untied States Presidential election will be counted. He’s in the know in this game and this is his 2008 book “The Crash of 2008 and What It Means.” He predicts, in line with the noted progression seen in the seventies explained above:

As the economic outlook deteriorates, the Putin regime will be unable to satisfy people’s economic expectations, and it is likely to rely more actively on arbitrary state powers. After all, the Kremlin is occupied not by cautious bureaucrats of the Soviet era but by buccaneers who were willing to take risks to get where they are. They may translate into military adventures abroad and repression at home. Already, two prominent political opponents were recently assassinated, and a proposed law treats any association with foreign NGO as treason. pg. 204


On today, is a story about Russia just saying we will bury your missile defense system. What is happening here is becoming ever so clear, except those who still have their stake in the ground of their material world chose ignorance and convenient suppositions in the maya, the illusion. The truth to the Illuminati is that some of us are like monks, we know, we have been graced with visions, and we prepare to survive as best we can, being always ready to do the next dramatic step; die. Who needs a remote viewing when the handwriting is on the dining room wall? Call for Daniel!

I seem to remember from my limited days under the inculcation of Dominicans — the old Inquisition authroity — that God said if we keep being bad children, the planet will be taken away. Is this the voice of God?

n an article released in the Council of Foreign Relations Journal by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the organization praised the use of heavy metals into our atmosphere to combat global warming. This reasoning is a hoax, considering that man-made climate change is a lie perpetrated onto the world’s populations by the global Elite and the UN’s IPCC. Scientists worldwide have come to the fact that the sun is heating up not only our Earth, but all the planets in our solar system.


With the simple pointers I put here, how does the capitalist system continue? Make a profit is the motive, can you imagine the profit in chemtrailing? And if you believe it is a conspiracy theory, check with this guy further and find:

John Holdren , Obama’s Science Adviser believes that geo-engineering will assist the planet is stabilizing its weather with regard to global warming.

Holdren sees geo-engineering as a perfectly viable way to cool the planet’s temperature. He fully supports the process of releasing particles of barium, magnesium, aluminum, nano-fibers, bacillus blood spores and other chemicals to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.



Do me a favor. Stop what you are doing right now. Take five minutes and go outside and look around. This is the Best Day of your life! How do you know you will have another day, or another life? Does it matter? Yes, being positive is a fantastic idea, now translate that into positive action. How can we know if it’s good positive action? Will it promote the benefits we enjoy to the Seventh Generation to come? Somehow chemtrailing simply doesn’t fit that scenario. Maybe God, holy by whatever name means God to you, is pulling the plug on this experiment in sentient beings. Certainly extinctions proceed from the mouths of chemtrailers who also support Monsanto because they believe they rule the world like Bulls. Proof you say?

The National Institute of Health has found that geo-engineering is directly responsible for neurotoxins found in human blood, lungs; as well as causing a whole host of neurotoxic conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Holdren is joining the man-made climate change alarmists who threaten that global warming will not be slowed down in time to reverse the imaginary “tipping point”. One of the claims is that the ice will completely melt in the Arctic; although scientific researchers show that this is blatantly untrue.

A Syracuse University study found that climate change is natural and not caused by man.

The researchers studied the Earth’s heat cycles over 1,000 years in the past until now. They found:

  •  Earth is actually cooling
  • Arctic ice is not melting
  • CO2 is not the cause for the extreme weather changes recently seen



I opened a web page on Soldier’s Grove Wisconsin, America’s first solar city, and there was the bank that I built the wall in the picture for. I remember each stud, the sheathing, how the collector part as I helped finish it was in the 80 degree range while it was minus 20 below outside.I remember my struggles to be a good orgainc food producer, laughed at, ridiculed by family and some friends. I remember my service to the West Tisbury Dump Committee as the kind of lets start on the bottom and work our way up, to be totally suppressed and reduced during the 1980’s and 1990’s while people all around me gave little concern for anything but their own grandiose plans for avarice. And they have succeeded, and now those who were the believers who must now simply live, are pissing and moaning that people like me are the problem because we are conspiracy theorists, tree huggers, homegrown terrorists, and it should be illegal for us to redress our grievances in the name of corporatocracy profits.

The eggs that have been broken are in an omelet in somebody else’s belly.

Sorry, I have to leave this thought train — 16 coaches long — and head out into the simple life, all day, all night, Mary Ann.


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Boiling Frogs

The most accurate study so far of the motions of stars in the Milky Way has found no evidence for dark matter in a large volume around the Sun. According to widely accepted theories, the solar neighbourhood was expected to be filled with dark matter, a mysterious invisible substance that can only be detected indirectly by the gravitational force it exerts. But a new study by a team of astronomers in Chile has found that these theories just do not fit the observational facts. This may mean that attempts to directly detect dark matter particles on Earth are unlikely to be successful.

The threshold of a new mythology has been crossed. We are now streaming toward the Aquarian Age complete with total upheaval of previous scientific theory. From the deepest past we have records for, the struggle of humanity has been the very same as it exists today. A cadre of paid scientist/priests are in control of what is acceptable science, in employ for those who have learned to manipulate by shadow and subterfuge, the reward from working in the schema. All very hush hush is the modus of the opporendi. The paper pushers got greedy, figured a way to make computers spyable and markets manipulatable. Behind the screens is a working group to insure the rule of kings. This is the one side of the true dialectic, which is about many gods, and one God.

Divinity knows

that the vast multitude

cannot exist

without an immense amount

               of intrinsic variety

and that almost everyone

is forced to lead a life

that is burdened with sorrows

               and full of miseries

from living in slave-like subjection

under the rulers

who lord it over them



At various times the Divine has sent

different prophets and teachers first

to this nation, then to that nation. Yet

humans have this weakness, that after a

long period of time certain customs are

eventually accepted and then defended as

immutable truths.


So it happens that nations go to war

to defend their particular beliefs

and to crush those

               who believe otherwise.

“Meditations With Nicholas of Cusa” , James Frances Yockney, Bear Books, Santa Fe, 1987

Who do we wish to believe in this now filled with spooky threat? Seemingly the United States government as is, has declared war on humans and the Earth. We may find many different answers to the question, but what is becoming clear is the dialectic disconnect that must have existed in Solomon’s court.

Landed people are tempted to create a sabbathless society in which land is never rested, debts are never canceled, slaves are never released, nothing is changed from the way it now is and has always been. The give and take of historicality can be eliminated, and all life can be reduced to a smoothly functioning machine. That is the meaning of the producer-consumer consciousness which tempts Israel to betray the meaning of the land.

Brueggemann, 1977, “The Land” pg.65

As the banks and brokerage houses have amassed property from foreclosure, those self same properties are denied from the people by virtue of monetary value control. The situation we live in today is one of hyperinflation, like gasoline and oil, food is now about 30% more expensive making a food stamp ration run out before the month does. Add to that a headline I scanned tonight from the Hampshire Gazette, Republicans want to reduce food stamps. How about we reduce republican salaries? What will happen to the consumer society when the consumer finds out their foreclosed property was owned by a public pension fund and it still brings a profit because of derivatives? As with Nicolas of Cusa, we can know that the efforts of the so-called elite, who in the case of Buffet, still get humbling disease like prostate cancer, are always willing to harm the dispossessed in any way they can. With people of limited abilities to verbalize this phenomenon the term Satan and Satan worship have become popular again. While much of the bible speaks to the problem of the dispossessed, and the promise thereto, the “kings” and their court always seek to rule over for their own profit and sense of power.

They are those who have no standing ground in the community. They are without land and so without power and consequently without dignity. They have “no portion or inheritance with you” (Deut, 14:27). The landed are given as a task at the boundary the care of these when they come into the land. It is one of the tasks that goes with covenanted land and keeps the land as covenanted reality; these who seem to have no claim must be honored and cared for.

Bruggeman, ibid, pgs. 65-66

A few blogs back I took a stance of critique of George Soros’ desire to be known as a philosopher. Lately I have seen reportage that he is an activist financier, thus he is at one and the same with supposed elite in manipulating the environment and affairs to insure the hegemony of the status quo, and yet, the status quo is a threat to the United States as it portends a scarcity of resources squandered in war.

Land is given in covenant. Israel’s central task is to keep it so, never to perceive its land in a social or historical vacuum. In a vacuum all kinds of coercive deeds are possible and even legitimate. But they speak no words, give no gifts, keep no promises. Coercive deeds can never yield life, which after all is Israel’s deepest yearning.

Bruggemann, ibid, pg 67

The history of these concepts have morphed into a world of gift or a world of rock. The world as gift people believe in divinity’s gift of this world to us, where the world of rock people see all as an accident of nature and nature’s dust, with no intelligent design, only evolution, and so, you and I are mere meat suited self centered consciousness looking out for number one. There’s that vacuum spoken about by Burggemann above.

Through various essays and reports, the experts present a strong case for a single, simple fact: our civilization cannot sustain the same path of violent competition, ever-expanding economies, continued depletion of resources …

Greg Braden, “Fractal Time”, Hay House 2009  pg. 190

Since we have to change, why cannot we do as Iceland has done and declare Jubilee. Let’s face it squarely, the system is broken, forgot the gift of planet and place, systemizers are bankrupt with no vision other than lining their personal silk pockets, and if Republicans, want to disown those who have “no portion or inheritance with you” (Deut, 14:27). Is Republican a new word for ignorant?

When people profit each other they are friendly, and when they cause each other loss they become estranged, it is the operation of natural law. This is a means of perceiving the separation between difference and sameness.

“Thunder In The Sky,” translated by Thomas Cleary, Shamabala 1994 pg. 45;4

Politics will not solve any problems, only create more of the same. Activism has to be set strongly against the doors of prejudice of a people long habituated to the producer-consumer consciousness. This world is gift, gift of God. Neither you nor I, no matter what your human capacity, is capable of the complexity of a fruit fly’s creation. You nor I can create a fully functioning world. The Divine Force is against the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the manipulative, coercive, and unprincipled. There is a Great Reckoning, and since the activist profiteers will not change, we see the laws and actions of their hired monkeys.

Walk forth, peacemakers! Yes, you shall be acclaimed sons of Elohim! Peace is the fruit of an artisan’s work. It is the slowest and most patient way of walking. Peace cannot be commanded by throwing money at a problem, nor by overthrowing a government. It is nothing less than the Son of Man and the Son of God being born within ourselves.

Jean-Yves Leloup, “The Gospel of Mary Magdaline”, Inner Traditions, 2002, pg. 79

As we cross the threshold of the new age so ballyhooed, why don’t we try the Aquarian solutions which would be to adopt the idea that life and earth are gift, and our continued existence relies on re-inventing the myths which govern our maya, our dream illusion of truth? What’s so wrong with food stamps being increased for the sojourners, the dispossessed? What’s wrong with assuming there is intelligent design behind evolution? Maybe because the ideas are directly antagonistic to individuation of ego. As with the Ayn Rand notion of ownership, anything we think of as separate, like workers and management, is but an illusion of the producer-consumer consciousness. In a world of scarcities, the only sensible government is one of “gift,” or that the people are commanded by God to take care of one another.

And this ball we stand upon, in all its splendor of green, blue, red, yellow, purple, and gold, is the gift of Elohim. It is not a gift of George Soros or Warren Buffet, nor any other human of royal elite supposition.

Be it ever so humble of a rock in the universe, this gift and its history are my guiding light. One magnificent God has brought us here and given us all we need to ever know, and as has been demonstrated, Israel can be marched out of town by the very God who seeks only gratitude for the gift.

Iceland as a nation has adopted the truth in 2012 of Jubilee. The rest of us are in hot water until we do the same. Greece andd Spain don’t need “bailouts,” they need Jubilee. Jubilee is the Grand Sabbath.


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On The Beach

When I was younger, there was a movie played on New York television called “On The Beach.” The plot was that people living in Australia, who had not even participated in the nuclear war, were going to be irradiated to death with fallout. The crazy things that went on in the movie may be a basis of fear for government people who still think they can get a pension after they kill off millions of people. In the end, the party “On The Beach,” looked like a graduation bash on the California beach of Santa Cruz. Also in the end, good guys and bad guys die together.


Last night I watched a movie called “I Am Legend.” It is kind of a remake of an older movie plot with Charlton Heston. The theme is a doctor in the military who stays behind to cure a deadly and human changing disease, and creepy zombie like beings come out at night. He sacrifices himself for a woman and young child we don’t know if it is hers or her brother, or I missed something.


Fukushima number 2 is fizzling like an old fashioned bomb fuse. Could it be beaming enough energy space ward to roll the planet in a new way? I feel like I’m waiting for the end of the Beach Party. And to think I used to do candle light ceremonies with a group of crazy middle age women on those beaches now saturated with airborn, and about to turn into hot soup. One thing I say can never be said again, north Pacific seafood cannot be “fresh,” it’s already partially microwaved.


Over the course of the last few years, I have read quotes and testimony from different smart guys, that we need to wipe out more people to enjoy more stuff, a word specifically used by stuff man extraordinaire, Ted Turner. He wants 98% of all humans to die so he’ll be assured of a tankful for his yacht. Why doesn’t he do the Star Trek thing and be the first to volunteer. It works like this, “I’m jumping off the bridge because there are too many people and I want to be a true leader.”

Go ahead, jump. Another guy wants to live out on the ocean, but I haven’t heard his plan for trash disposal. Won’t it be like Love Canal? Building on a nuked and puked ocean–regardless of carbon dioxide we have a serious problem there–with what, Styrofoam cups?


DHS might have made a fat mistake with hollow point .40 cal. Let me explain. I once had three firearms, a Winchester .30-30, a 16 Ga. shot gun, and a Ruger .357 single action. I was a farmer in Wisconsin. I owned a Duroc sow who for some reason would not breed. One day she went missing. A week later I found that she had obviously spent the whole week in my wood shop. My work had me out on patrol with the town. When I found her I decided it was time for bacon. I went and got my .357 hollow points and the Ruger.

Once before I witnessed a hog being killed with a .22 to the forehead on the x where the eye and ear lines crossed. I assumed the .357 hollow points with their massive power at point blank range would end her life before she could hear the gun or feel any pain. I walked up to her, aimed at the x and carefully pulled the trigger. You could assume my shock when she took off running to the other end of a 210 foot pole barn screaming in rage. Then she turned, and headed back at me. I jumped up on a hay wagon, held on the side by one hand and as my very angry porker came smashing into where I was just standing, neat little hole right where the x met, I shot at it again. Nada! More running pig and three more shots to her forehead and I was shaking with bewildered fear and empathy. This was not my kind of butchery!

When she got to the other end of the barn, I took off running for the door, and damned if she didn’t smack the backside of it when I slammed it behind me. Shaking, I entered the house and my ex-partner could see I was shaken. Like Billy Bob Thornton playing Davy Crockett in the movie “The Alamo,” where he says, “We’re gonna need a lot more men,” I said “I’m going to need a bigger gun.” I got the .30-30 Winchester, and except for missing the first shot and seeing the hole show in my barn door, One head shot with that and she went quiet. What could have happened to all that firepower?


The hollow points went into the skin, broke up in the fat, and left some nasty looking gray trails through her fat. The failed to even get to the bone. So if your assailant is a big guy with a huge beer belly, 3/4 of a billion rounds might not be enough. I recommend the M-1A .308 Winchester for a working firearm in that case.

One thing I’m not clear about, I haven’t heard anything about a few million firearms and cleaning kits. What are they going to do, dispose of Smith and Wesson’s after the clip is empty? I’ve read that Ruger is not taking any  more orders, but that’s mostly civilians buying the Ruger version in .308.

Oh how we love our guns in America, Brady Bunch and the NRA, sponsored by NRA-ILF. Count me in.

Over at they reported other agencies want to get into the buy. I’ll tell you what this is, not so much a “kill Americans,” but an inside commodity play to make sure Homeland Security has bullets when the supplies stop flowing. Can you imagine having to come out and answer why you are buying and hoarding when you are telling the people not to? If it’s we’re gonna get you (in the theme of Sen. Diane Feinstein, CA), Americans want to know, and if it’s bullet supplies are running out, the stampede on Wal-Mart and Sam’s will crack the fracks. No win there, so mum’s the word. If it’s an assault, spare parts and  accessories will also be ordered in mass quantity


Global warming, or prelude to ice age, the weather changes. To modify “global warming” to “global weather changes,” begins the rationalization. The smart guys want you to tax yourselves with their ideas until only they own the world, on paper, with paper and electronic privilege chits, which have the value they say, no matter how much your pay. I figured it out the other day. We Americans are fed up, totally fed up with average. We’re sick of normal. Truth is not average, and often it is not normal. Lies make normal into something from an abstraction to a certitude. Like who could possibly admit that there might have been a whole lot of intelligent design to evolution? The argument has always been, which branch of humans is best, the Bonobos or the Chimpanzees. Qualifiededly I like the group sex attitudes of the Bonobos. Do you think that might be why Bonobos are not in the spell check dictionary but chimpanzees is? Chimpanzees are the bad attitude war makers of monkeydom, and you thought there were no monkeys in North America. If there are Lizards, there be Monkeys.

The way things are going, this dream will end soon. I hope the crush with sudden truth and reality isn’t too much harder than losing everything I worked for because somebody sold too many bets against the success without telling all of us we were going to be pushed off the cliff. I am determined to live as long as I can, just so Ted Turner can go first and leave his stuff behind; or in his pyramid.



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Trading Language on the Internet Exchange

As we bandy about the violent extremists meme terrorist/s/as and other Orwellian constructs of New Think Gibber Talk, we could possibly consider the positive side and never again rely on the same metaphor of war that has stained our lovely flowering of the last century. Perhaps we as a world full of neighborhoods, had been less afraid of the “Kargen,” as depicted in “Highlander,” and feeling more like “Conan,” isn’t that the way of the illuminated tale?

What is illuminatum? If it be not a computer screen, a motion picture with its gelatinous connection to the cows of India, or the television razzle dazzle twenty four hour Las Vegas Life, then who would want to look at it? Big always fears small ever since that infedelitous rabble rouser David popped Goliath between the eyes. So of course big is going to want the whole supermarket lot, the trick is to keep you from learning–and I learned this in community access television–that you can have a media voice with all this consumer video/photographic equipment. I mean to tell you, was a saying of a former associate of mine. He said it with a Catawba/Cherokee accent and the other associate I knew at that life station used to say–know what I mean?  Today the whole United States fills moments meant for silence with “you know.”

No, I don’t know. And I’ve been studying and practicing for half a century. Sometimes I feel people aren’t listening to my advice, then I find out years later I saved someone’s titey in a pinch. That illuminates the limitations to feelings. What the world is being subjected to with the Grand Experiment, which is a blend of the old fashioned bankers life like Ike in a 56 Buick and Postmodern Creative Indecision–Big, remember, always wants the guaranteed pie–has inflicted mankind with a matrix of abstractions beyond which man can comprehend. The illusion that the computers and scientists know what they are doing comes apart in the real data of actual weather fluctuation.  If I send someone a link to one of those stories I get the sky is falling macking when what I am attempting to communicate is how it all changes day to day in funny way and most assuredly, will never ever be the same way twice.

We cannot fault “Monsanto,” because it is an abstraction; a business corporation forever stuck in the banker’s life world. We have the same problem with the Federal Reserve, or Google; abstractions behind a lit up page. The world of abstractions has developed into a chess board of Grand Insanity at the same time it is always the Grand Experiment, especially after seeing an electric motorcycle with gyros that hold it up. My research says the real answer to personal travel will be tied into gyros and Mother Earth’s magnetic flow, plus the electrical charge that collects on my wood stove pipe and everywhere metal is these days. No one can remember a winter like this. My best guess is it would have been one after a USA nuke test. Spray that hot Cesium Illuminati Man.

Since what needs in fault finding, is the deliberate decisions that knowingly harm the world for profit being made behind the abstractions matrix everyday. It is cultural. Over at Carolyn Baker’s website, a new face  to me, Phil Rockstroh–definitely quoted out of context–wrote this: “alarmingly, both political parties continue to serve the status quo.” The “Matrix” movies are being studied here in our little community. The abstraction matrix, which for your understanding of what I am talking about applies to your churches, schools, governments, and businesses, makes it a guarantee that the abstractions known as political parties are a big part of the very “monster matrix” people struggle to comprehend. Out of the second “Matrix” movie, comes the idea that humans are still dependent on machines, in their defense against the Matrix and its machines. Here’s how Mr. Rockstroh uses the concept. Full Quote:

Although, alarmingly, both political parties continue to serve the status quo: Contemporary conservatives promote–in fact, seem to outright revel in–the litanies of a gospel of global-wide destruction (in the case of religious fundamentalists even going so far as to implore the forces of heaven, with fervid prayers, to expedite doomsday’s date of arrival) by means of militarist aggression and environmental carnage–while squeamish liberals are devotees of the cliché-worshipping temple of incremental change. (page)

How neatly Mr. Rockstroh has packaged the cultural matrix of abstractions. The pockets of frustration that are focused on the potential ill health from Monsanto and like corporations’ handiwork in the mind of people are part of the cultural memory of the Wandervogel of my generation. When some young reporter takes to the streets and tapes dumb as turds (though you’d be surprised how much thinking went into proper disposal of turd by G-D) American High School students, I feel sorry for the students, even more sorry for the teachers, and can clearly see that the corporate agenda as proselytized by a Rock’ afeller, Ford or Carnegie, amidst the Grand Education that was Dumber Down with burned out topsoil and junkie low brow farming. The elite of Easter Island are the Dead End Sailors of the Great Migration after the last pole shift, meteor splashdowns, and electromagnetic anomalies.

Now Mr. Rockstroh has the idea well in mind. I suggest reading his full article. He goes on to “illuminate,” as we view this light box with words,  the destructive power of the matrix of abstraction:

As neocons press the petal to the metal of the war machine, mainstream liberal apologists for the status quo, luxuriating upon the hurtling juggernaut, counsel us that any change in direction and velocity must be incremental, as they proffer other brain-dead, political clichés about the need for”civility” and “political realism” involving the criteria of sausage making. Ibid.

By the end of the second Warchowski Matrix movie, we find “Neo” makes his way to the “Architect’s” room of monitors, to hear that he is “The Anomaly,” and has been reincarnated many times in an effort to eliminte his decisions which always get Zion destroyed, only to rise Phoenix like by design. The movie is the language of artists telling the story of the real life matrix as it was envisioned back in the writing period about the late 1980’s. This movie was released in 2003 so the reference to “9” and “11” can be said to be after the fact except for the screen play, which could “illuminate” further. The reference is when Morpheus leads Neo and a group of other Captains into a building to find the Keymaker so Neo can meet the Architect. There are Nine Men. Morpheus –God of Sleep–leads the group. Neo comments the building is wired with explosives and as they walk down the hallway to see the Merovingian, behind them is the number 101, which for occult numerology is as if 11, in reduction both are 2. Regardless of the actual Spectacle being performed in war and world wipe out, what I hear from my brother-sisters in tune with a cosmic mind is that ET’s don’t like the elite who manipulate, and if running nuclear plants twenty years longer than planned obsolescence isn’t manipulating the public for their own lack of creative vision, I was taught the wrong G-D code. It’s all to keep the status quo of the matrix humming–literally. My father loved to point out the highest IQ’s were often doing 20 to life. We have a cultural flaw that lets the cash and carry justice system work for people who do not much more than shuffle the cards. Be a real producer and the vultures gather because they’ve seen how compound interest works against Greeks and Grapes. Fibonacci probably discovered the “Secret” long before the “Secret” became a way to be a big shot social climber in the fiat money game. G-D gives us just enough and once sent a messenger who sang, “Castles made of sand, will fall into the sea, eventually.” Jimi Hendrix as far as I know.

Culture is built on words and feelings interfere with truth so many ways.

Morpheus: Everything begins with choice.
Merovingian: No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power and those without. Look there, at that woman. My God, just look at her. Affecting everyone around her; so obvious, so bourgeois, so boring. But wait. Watch, you see, I have sent her a dessert…a very special dessert. I wrote it myself. It starts so simply; each line of the program creating a new effect, just like…poetry. First, a rush. Heat. Her heart flutters. You can see it, Neo, yes? She does not understand, why? Is it the wine? No…what is it, then, what is the reason? But soon it does not matter. Soon the why and the reason are gone, and all that matters is the feeling itself. And this is the nature of the universe; we struggle against it, we fight to deny it, but it is of course pretend, it is a lie. Beneath our poised appearance, the truth is we are completely out of control. [inhales] Causality. There is no escaping it. We are forever slaves to it. Our only hope, our only peace is to understand it, to understand the why. Why is what separates us from them, you from me. Why is the only real source of power, without it you are powerless. And this is how you come to me: without why, without power, another link in the chain. But, fear not, since I have seen how good you are at following orders, I will tell you what to do next. Run back, and give the fortune-teller this message: her time is almost up. [stands] Now, I have some real business to attend to, so I will bid you adieu and goodbye. (page)
Our single most important issue as the ones who walk to “Tea Party” or “Occupy” gatherings has to be a recognition of the flaw in the Myth of our culture. The Anomaly that keeps getting hung on a cross and all the argument one hears about was Jesus real, or was Krishna real,  is the Koran the Most Holy Book, is not whether or not the message works, but does the minutia of insignificant abstractions cloud us fro our purpose to make better. How, you might ask, can a moral compass be applied? How about farmer suicides from rapid cultural change built on Monsanto lust for control and profit. For an abstraction the be focused on control and profit means there are people behind it looking for control and profit; say hello Bill Gates, the matrix of empire brings this out of Rockstroh:

And this brings us to what is at the root of the current siege mentality of the architects and operatives of the corporate/militarist state: Below the armament-bristling surface, and at the dark heart of the subterfuge of one percenters’ yawns this abysmal psychology: If an individual insists on existing in a fortified tower of the mind, the truths of his own heart, as well as those arriving from the soul of the world, will appear to him to be acts of sedition; the longings of his own heart for compassion will be misinterpreted as signs of weakness and emotionally displaced as a malignant, paranoid fantasy in which his own desire for resonate human contact will seem to be the attack of an invading army of rebels. Ibid

Rockstroh and Ward, a tag team of authors striking out at the underbelly of elitism, we struggle with the word and culture to act our creativity. Here we are in our cocktail mix of DNA Postmodern, post anthropocentric “global warming,” totally helpless before an “Illuminati Elite”. What shall we do? Shall we be metaphorical beasts or straight forward like Alex Jones. Today I read this definition as it applied to the Virginia colony:

A free society does not enforce even temporary voluntary slave contracts, since it must allow for a person to be able to change his mind, and for the inalienability of a person’s control over his will and his body. While a man’s property is alienable and may be transferred from one person to another, a person’s will is not; the creditor in a free society may enforce the collection of payment for money he may have advanced (in this case, passage and maintenance money), but he may not continue to enforce slave labor, however temporary it may be. Furthermore, many of the indentures were compulsory and not voluntary — for example, those involving political prisoners, imprisoned debtors, and kidnapped children of the English lower classes. The children were kidnapped by professional “spirits” or “crimps” and sold to the colonists. (page)

The article explains the brutality asleep in the colonial experience, the post traumatic stress being written into each new generation’s DNA responses after millions of years hanging around the campfire shaking rattles and singing after a most healthy dinner–most of the time.  Starvation is always a feeling to drive constant growth in the compound interest sense.

What happened, happened and could not have happened any other way. Morpheus

And remember that guy named Jesus? I believe he said something like what Rockstroh wrote:

A selfish man’s relentless obsession to possess the bounty of our planet can never assuage his sense of insecurity and emptiness, not even if all the plundered riches of the ravaged earth were laid before him for his taking.

What can we expect? This is the question of many thinking people. The history of Virginia and Alex Jones author Murray N. Rothbard alert us to elite thinking:

The directors of the Virginia Company decided, unfortunately, that the cure for the grave ailments of the colony was not less but even more discipline. Accordingly, they sent Sir Thomas Dale to be governor and ruler of the colony. Dale increased the severity of the laws in June 1611. Dale’s Laws — “the Laws Divine, Moral and Martial” — became justly notorious: They provided, for example, that every man and woman in the colony be forced to attend divine service (Anglican) twice a day or be severely punished. For the first absence, the culprit was to go without food; for the second, to be publicly whipped; and for the third, to be forced to work in the galleys for six months. This was not all.

The eventual conclusion was greater payoff to those who were first enslaved, and relaxed liberalization of laws of punishment. Our matrix of abstractions is built on a foundation of the very struggle in our streets and towns today. If we all follow the script of our current tracks in the matrix, then Zion will be destroyed. What do you think the story of the flood is about? Meteor splashdown has occurred. Out there, in space, is the metaphor that we need right now. We need a new cultural response, a new language, not a New World Order, because what the Big N means is One World Profit system, and I tell you, all profit is gone. The abstraction has over run the extraction where it can never support itself again.

Which brings us at last to the moment of truth, wherein the fundamental flaw is ultimately expressed, and the Anomaly revealed as both beginning and end. There are two doors. The door to your right leads to the Source and the salvation of Zion. The door to your left leads back to the Matrix, to her and to the end of your species. As you adequately put, the problem is choice. But we already know what you are going to do, don’t we? Already I can see the chain reaction: the chemical precursors that signal the onset of an emotion, designed specifically to overwhelm logic and reason. An emotion that is already blinding you to the simple and obvious truth: she is going to die and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. (Ibid Warchowski)

The collective fathers of this culture have given us–and we now give our own children–to the Titans of the corporate/militarist state. Titans, who, as Titans are prone to do, eat their young. (Ibid Rockstroh)

And in my analysis of self, and performance, witness, I did everything I could to effect the minds entrusted to me to know that their culture will be changed. I listened to prophecy beyond the books to teach my children well, as teaching anything new to my father was struggling with entrenchment.

The Oracle: We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do. I’m interested in one thing, Neo, the future. And believe me, I know: the only way to get there is together.

I don’t believe in God. I don’t have to. I’ve been given special knowledge so I know God exists. What can be more dangerous than an angry Divinity, a creation seeking to shake out the anomaly?
I’ll show you here:

These amazing pictures, captured by a NASA satellite, show a gigantic tornado moving across the sun.

The tornado is larger than it might look – in fact, it is probably bigger than the Earth, and could extend hundreds of thousands of miles out into space.

And while its progress over the sun’s surface seems almost stately, it is moving at 300,000 miles per hour. (page link above)

Sunscreen anyone?

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